5 Reasons why you Should Buy the Apple iPhone 5S

Apple is back with a bang with its latest smartphone offering , the Apple iPhone 5S . Loaded with the new iOS 7 and a plethora of exciting new features , the apple iPhone 5S is once again able to live up to the expectations of its fans worldwide .


Although the iPhone 5S sports a similar design like the previous iPhone 5 , Apple easily compensates for the design ,  with the new and revolutionary features on the iPhone 5S . If you’re in a dilemma on whether or whether to not buy the iPhone 5S . Read along and find out about 5 reasons why you should buy the iPhone 5S .

Reason #1. Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner

The Touch ID fingerprint scanner is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why you should get the iPhone 5S .  Using the new Touch ID Fingerprint scanner integrated on the iPhone 5S home button , users can now use their fingers to unlock their iPhone 5S’s lock screens . This is definitely an useful feature for most security conscious users  . Some Might consider this feature a overkill for a smartphone  , but with so many threats to your privacy right now , it is infact a useful feature for most people .


The fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S can be used for unlocking the phone and approving purchases from the iTunes Store, the App Store, and the iBookstore . We have already heard about numerous instances where children were able to unlock their parents iPhone’s and make purchases worth thousands from the apple app store and other services . Now when we have got the Fingerprint scanner to approve every purchase on a iPhone , theres no way anybody apart from the Phone’s owner to be able to make purchases .


Reason #2. New 64 bit A7 processor

You actually don’t need to be geeky enough to understand what a 64 bit process is , basically a 64 bit processor processor allows a device to use more than 4GB of RAM and at the same time it also improves the processing speed of an device in comparison to a normal 32 bit processor . The apple iPhone might not have 4GB of ram but the 64 bit processor in it does help improve the phone’s performance .


Performance benchmarks results by Anandtech clearly shows that the iPhone 5S is twice as fast as the iPhone 5 in everything .Taking advantage of the new 64 bit processor , developers can now create better apps and games which require more resources . Also the A7 processor has inbuilt OpenGL ES version 3.0 support which enables the iPhone 5S to run games similar to a console in terms of graphical details .

Reason #3. New iSight camera

The apple iPhone 5S still has a 8MP camera like its predecessor , but this time its a whole new improved camera . The new iSight camera on the apple iPhone 5S has a 15% larger sensor and an aperture of f/2.2 , which allows more light to enter the camera . Other features in the camera also include a continuous burst mode that is capable of capturing 10 pictures per seconds  in a sequence and a new panorama mode to capture 360 degree panoramic photographs .


The iPhone 5S also comes with a true tone flash consisting of a white LED and an amber LED , two of which work together with an software algorithm to adjust the flash intensity accordingly and capture beautiful pictures while using the flash . As you can see above , the two different images showing how the iPhone 5 S’s true tone flash works . In the left photograph the True tone flash is off and in the tight photograph the true tone flash is on . Overall the new camera on the iPhone 5S makes it a must buy .

Reason #4. A M7 co-processor to assist the A7 processor


With the iPhone 5S , apple has added an additional M7 co-processor to share the load of some less important tasks from the A7 processor . These tasks includes processing data from devices like the gyroscope , accelerometer , compass . all these is done without waking up the A7 processor , which overly increases the iPhone 5 S’s battery life .

Reason #5. Support for many 4G LTE bands

The iPhone 5S now supports more than 13 LTE bands , which is the highest among phones right now . Support for these 13 LTE bands means the iPhone 5S can be virtually used on any network across the world . This new  feature will also enable the iPhone 5S users to access high speed internet on many networks worldwide . If you are in India , then you can use the IPhone 5S on Airtel’s 4G network . Airtel has deployed its 4G networks on a frequency band of 40 , the same band as supported by the iPhone 5S .

Last but not the least apples impressive Applecare +warranty service that allows you to extend your iPhone 5S’s warranty from one year to a complete 2 year warranty , which includes protection accidental damage from drops and submersions . undoubtedly apple is the best after sales service provides and every manufacturer should learn from apple .