Beam fiber introduces 50 Mbps Hypersonic internet plans for 2013

Beam fiber , One of India’s fastest and affordable Internet service provider has introduced two new 50 Mbps Internet plans in Hyderabad . Off late Beam fiber has beam creating buzz on the internet with its throw away priced internet connection . Beam fiber offers some of the best priced internet plans with very low rentals . The Company was providing 20 Mbps plans till now for home users .


beam telecom 50mbps internet plans

Few days back beam telecom has introduced two new Internet plans with 50 Mbps download and upload bandwidth . The two new plans are Hypersonic 2499 and Hypersonic 2799 . Beam telecom’s internet plans have FUP ( Fair Usage Policy ) . But their Post FUP speeds are much better than other ISP’s in India .

Beam fiber Internet plans price tariff for 2013

beam fiber internet tariff 2013

  • *Taxes applicable. Price plans are subject to change
  • – Installation charges will apply depending on the plan chosen
  • – All plans are exclusive of taxes (service tax 12.36%)
  • – Fair Usage Policy applies to all Plans
  • – Table describes Fair Usage Policy by package with effect from 10 July 2013

The Hypersonic 2499 plan offers 50 Mbps bandwidth upto 100GB after which the FUP kick in and the bandwidth is capped to 6 Mbps which is quite reasonable .


The Hypersonic 2799 plan offers the same speed of 50 Mbps , but with a pre FUP limit of 200 GB . After 200GB of data usage the speeds are limited to 6 Mbps .

After Introducing these amazing plans Beams has become one of the most cheapest and affordable Internet service provider In India .

Unfortunately Beam telecom only operated in Hyderabad for the time being . Beam telecom has plans to provide its services through India in the coming months .

Source : Beam fiber


  • Murali Krishna Vemuri

    Every single line mentioned below is completely true, and verifiable with Beam Telecom. I am ready to give a testimony before any court as well.

    August 2nd week 2013: the biggest ever mistake of my life, I chose Beam Telecom. Oh God! What was wrong with me.

    21-Aug-2013: whenever there is a power cut, the beam telecom gets disconnected. I call up the beam telecom service center. they say . We will install a battery at our L2 Switch, so you will not have problem.

    22-Aug-2013: Beam telecom calls me and says “we installed a battery”.

    12-Oct-2013: The service is gone. no idea what is going on. So, I lodge a complaint.

    13-Oct-2013: No body turns up to check the problem.

    14-Oct-2013: No body turns up to check the problem.I remind you nobody visited my house; but some female calls me on phone and says “We did everything from our end sir. it must be your computer problem”. So, I challenged .”I will pay you a 1000 rupees if you have guts to visit my place and prove it. still nobody had the ba* s to visit my place.

    15-Oct-2013: I shout again at beam telecom. so finally one guy comes to my door. and check the switch box they have installed and declares. sir your cable is plugged out.

    16-Oct-2013: power cut, and beam telecom is disconnected. I call up, and report that a battery must be added

    17-Oct-2013: A female calls from beam telecom and says “we installed a battery”.

    21-Oct-2013: Power cut, and beam telecom is disconnected. I call up and shout, and try to reason. a battery has a life of 18 months, if you have installed a battery, what happened. no answer.

    15-Nov-2013: God! beam telecom is disconnected. I file a complaint. as usual nobody visits.

    16-Nov-2013: Nobody visits to check the problem

    17-Nov-2013: I shout yet again on the call center of beam telecom. and after 45min 16 sec of shouting, somebody visits my house to check and cables are plugged out again.

    I have a recorded video that this was done by Beam Telecom Worker themselves.

    Boss never and never do the mistake of subscribing to Beam Telecom. The organization as such is joke by itself and full of parasites just trying to take money.

    • lovejeet

      I am myself using beam from the past 4 years. I agree with you that beam’s customer support is pathetic and even their technicians are too. But as it always in India, if you want better service from the technicians, do give them tip and keep their contact number with you.