Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 Review


Be it Online or offline , we should be very much concerned about our privacy . Bitdefender is one of the newest antivirus products in the market which provides you complete protection and privacy whether you are online or offline . Major Antivirus testing sites have been coming up incredible reviews for this antivirus . Let us take a brief look into how the antivirus performs and check out the real facts .



The Installation process is pretty straight forward . You have to download a small 5MB installer from Bitdefender’s website . When you run the installer , it automatically downloads some additional files and prompt you with a installation window once the download is complete .


Bitdefender lets you choose to install the antivirus via the default settings or use advanced options . Using the advanced options you can set the installation drive location of your choice , set proxy details and disable any unwanted program features . We choose the default settings for the installation process .

After starting the installation process , the antivirus does an deep scan of the entire computer to check for any virus and malwares beforehand . After the virus scanning is completed , the antivirus informs you of any existing antivirus in your pc and removes them . Meanwhile the program downloads the antivirus . Depending on your internet connection the download process may take some time .


User Interface 

bitdefender internet security 2013  user interface

The first thing you will notice is the UI of the antivirus home screen is very well laid . By default the Antivirus will be on Auto-pilot mode . If you want to tweak Bitdefender’s setting to your won  , Change the user mode on the top right of the application window and turn Autopilot off . The Autopilot mode turns on all the necessary features required to protect your computer . The left top of the antivirus shows the current status of your computer . A green status background shows youy PC is completely secured . On the right to it are event , settings and Auto-pilot options . Below them are four boxes containing Antivirus , privacy , firewall and update options and a button to turn them on or off . Right down the boxes is a small horizontal slider which reveals the hidden Anti Spam , Safego , Parental control and wallet options . On the bottom of the application window, Bitdefender shows the days remaining for the antivirus to expire and the help and support link . 

Antivirus effectiveness 

The Bitdefender Internet security 2013 is one of the best antivirus program today . Lets see what major Tech sites have to say about it :

“Its aggregate score is the best of all current security products.”  –

“Bitdefender software is powerful stuff. It clearly deserves this award.” –

“When your computer is infected, Bitdefender is the one to go to.” –

The Antivirus was tested on my primary setup , which comprises of a hexa core AMD 1055T  processor with 8GB of RAM and 1TB of Hard disk space .

 The review started with a quick scan which was indeed really quick and took only 7 minutes to complete but it wasn’t able to detect any virus or malware in my system . 

Next i performed a complete scan , Throughout the entire scanning process the Bitdefender Internet security did not use more than 40% of CPU resource and average on 15 to 20 % of CPU usage . The Antivirus was not resource intensive like other antivirus programs , The Bitdefender Internet Security never occupied more than 150 MB of Physical memory . This is a great thing , which shows you should be able to multitask easily while The Bitdefender Internet security keeps scanning your computer in the background . 


The Antivirus performed one of the Quickest complete system scan i had ever seen in comparison with other antivirus programs . It only took 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete an entire system scan . My 1TB hard disk had approximately 250 GB free space . Depending on your computer’s hardware , the process might take less time to complete .

What’s surprising about the complete scan is , The antivirus had now detected 18 threats , which were previously not detected by a quick scan . So it is recommended to skip the quick scan and go for a Complete system scan . 

The antivirus even allows to schedule a scan according to your requirement . 

Whenever you surf online , Bitdefender checks every links on the web page and displays a small green symbol beside it , which means the links are safe . In case of any harmful and malicious links Bitdefender displays a red symbol beside the link . 


I tried to check Bitdefender’s Anti phishing protection and it does work properly . whenever you enter into scam sites or malware infested sites Bitdefender blocks the page automatically 

The antivirus does a good job protecting your entire system from viruses and malwares . You just have to  Install the program and and carry on with your work , while the program resides silently in your system and doesn’t a efficient duty of protecting your pc .


Anti-theft performance

I installed the anti-theft app on my phone to check its performance . I started with location of my phone through the antitheft dashboard in MyBitdefender page . After 5 minutes of displaying  “ Acquiring position “ it finally displayed it was not able to locate my device . The problem was , My phone did not had the GPS turned on , a feature which most people don’t use much . In order for the anti theft function to show the phone’s location , the phone needs to have the GPS enabled all the time or it doesn’t work . After turning the GPS on , Bitdefender was able to pinpoint my phone’s exact location on a map .  I have been using other anti-theft apps , but they don’t need the GPS to be enabled all the time and works  better than Bitdefenders anti-theft feature . Though its good to have an alternative backup incase the primary app fails to work . The Alarm function and the lock function worked perfectly . 

Bitdefender needs to improve on the anti-theft . The app should be capable of turning on the GPS itself in case of the phone is lost . GPS is a battery consuming feature and most people use it only when required .

Bitdefender internet security 2013 anti theft


Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 aditional Features



Bitdefender Internet security has a built in firewall , which is very powerful and should replace the default windows firewall . The firewall keeps filtering the Inbound and outgoing network data on your computer . The firewall lets you block or allow internet access for specific programs according to your requirement. 


Online shopping has seen a tremendous growth in the recent years . Due to which there have been a new breed of virus and malwares which are aimed to steal financial data of users involving in online transactions .Safepay is a new feature in Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 to deal with this issue .  Basically Safepay is a browser which provides a safe and secure way for users to carry financial transactions online . While using the safepay browser , the entire desktop is blocked and only the browser is visible which is kind of a sandbox environment  that prevents any other application to access your browsing data .The browser should be only used for shopping or banking and not for everyday browsing activities. 

USB immunizer 

Gone are the days when viruses used to spread through disk drives . Nowadays USB flash contribute the most for spreading many nasty viruses across computers . The new USB immunizer feature in Bitdefender serves extra layer of protection while you insert a flash drive in a computer . The feature is very efficient and helps keep viruses and malwares away from your computer . 

Social network protection 

The new social network protection feature in Bitdefender Internet Security keeps users safe from viruses and malwares spread by hackers on facebook and other social networking sites . 

Bitdefender wallet 


The Bitdefender wallet acts as a virtual wallet and helps you store your bank account numbers, PINs, credentials for websites, emails, subscriptions, applications or wireless networks, and all the sensitive data together and encrypted in a single location locked with a master password. This feature even automatically fills out the details in web browsers and other applications when required and saves a lot of time . Online shopping and banking becomes a very hassle free experience with this feature . All i have to say about this feature is Its fast , Its easy and its safe !

File shredder 

Bitdefender internet security has a inbuilt file shredder , which does an excellent of deleting and files from your computer . Normally when you delete a file , windows does not delete the file complete . It just disappears from your desktop and the deleted file can be recovered by using file recovery softwares available nowadays . The file shredder can be very useful for deleting important files with personal data like bank statements , confidential paperwork etc which you don’t require anymore , thus eliminating the threat of the files getting into wrong hands . 

This is very useful for people who want to remove their valuable data from pen drive or external hard disk before handing them to someone else . The File shredder deletes all the files and data ,which cannot be recovered by file recovery softwares again.

Parental control 


Bitdefender Internet security also has a new Parental control feature . Using this feature you can remotely control your children s computer or mobile devices which have Bitdefender installed . You can access the parental control dashboard from the My Bitdefender page , where you can get a following details of your children s activities : 

  • Websites browsed

  • Applications used

  • Facebook activities

  • Current locations

  • SMS

  • Cell phone records

  • Instant messages 

You also have the ability to blacklist any website or application that you feel are objectionable . 

Anti theft protection for Mobile devices 

Bitdefender has a new Anti-theft protection for mobile devices , In order to enable this option you need to install a Bitdefender anti-theft app from your MyBitdefender page online or you can download it from the app store . Once you download and install the app on your android device you can follow the instruction on it and your mobile will have anti-theft enable now . The app is just a 30 days trial , you have to buy the app to get full anti-theft protection .

Chat encryption 

People love socialising with friends and families over social networks online . the chat encryption in Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 encrypts your chat online and prevents hackers from spying upon your conversations . 

System requirements


Minimal system requirements 

CPU: 800 MHz

Memory : 1 GB RAM

Disk space: 1.8 GB free space ( at least 800 MB free on the system drive )

Operating systems supported:  Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (32 bit) , Vista (SP2), Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1), Microsoft Windows 8

Recommended system requirements 

CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo 1.66 GHz or equivalent processor

Memory: 1GB ram for Windows XP

                       1.5GB ram for Windows vista , windows 7 and windows 8

Disk space:  2.8 GB free space (  at least 800 MB free on the system drive )

Operating systems supported: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (32 bit) , Vista (SP2), Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1), Microsoft Windows 8


It has been a week since i started using Bitdefender , Overall Bitdefender Internet security 2013 is the best antivirus available right now . It is fast , simple and very resource efficient . You just have to install the antivirus and relax .Apart from the core Antivirus protection , Bitdefender Internet Security provides tons of other valuable features with a centralised cloud based control system .  If you are looking for the best antivirus protection for your computer then get the Bitdefender Internet security 2013 without a second thought . 

I would like to thank Bitdefender for proving a sample copy to review this great product . Check out Bitdefender Internet Security –  powered by Bitdefender Antivirus.


  • Autopilot mode
  • Simple interface
  • 24*7 Customer support
  • Loads of extra features
  • Very small memory footprint and Low performance impact


  • Quick scan is not effective 
  • Anti-theft is a separate package 
  • Anti-theft needs to improve


  • myn

    hi there, I just installed bitdefender internet security 2013. I have a question: how to go to the UI? because when I double click the bitdefender icon, nothing comes out. I just see the widget *sorry, beginner here :(*

    • Lovejeet

      Hi myn ,
      If Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 is successfully installed on your PC , then you can see Bitdefender’s notification icon in your desktops notification bar . Try double clicking the notification icons as shown in this picture below , or run it from the programs menu . I hope this will solve your problem. If it doesn’t run then you should try re installing it again . Do let me know if this works out .

      • myn

        I double clicked the icon from desktop and from the programs menu for so many times, but still nothing comes out. I think i should reinstall now, thanks ya. :)

      • vishal

        the same problem is with me tht after double clicked on icon it can’t be opened after reinstalling it.should i go for the other antivirus program

  • michelangelo

    Hey, Hey!

    “The firewall lets you block or allow internet access for specific programs according to your requirement.”

    Really? Can you tell me how? Becouse I have Bitdefender Total Security (paid) and I was looking for this option, but it wasnt there.

    • lovejeet

      Hi michelangelo, you need to go to firewall settings> application rules> add rules . After that browse and locate any executable file and select the settings according to your requirement. here is a screenshot , i hope it will help.

      • michelangelo

        OH, thanks!

        And can I ask one more, bit of a silly question – How should it looks like, when I dont want it to have acess to internet?

        I mean, there is any line like – Block acess to internet YES/NO.

        I am just trying to say that, it doesnt make a lot of sence to me, I dont know what does those options actually affect. I am not very IT positive. Hopefully you get, what Imean.

        • lovejeet

          You just need to select “deny” for the permissions. check this screenshot. hope that helps you :).

          • michelangelo

            Thanks! It’ll help for sure :)

    • vishal

      i purchased only antivirus plus version of bitdefender after installing
      this my window firewall gets turned off and can’t be turned on manually
      or automatically. is there is any harmfulness for my pc while using
      internet or how can i turned on to my pc again.