How to Create Multiple Custom Email Address with one Gmail Account



Did you know that you can create multiple email addresses with one Gmail address . Yes it is possible and not most of us are aware of the few tricks involved to achieve this. You may ask why would you need multiple email addresses for your Gmail address? Let me explain it to you.

The point here is to make multiple email address from your primary Gmail address and create unique email addresses for registering with different websites and services. In fact you can have many different email addresses for your primary Gmail address, but all the mails send to these secondary email addresses will be received in your primary Gmail addresses inbox.

This way you can create a filter for each of the custom email address associated with your Gmail account and easily organize emails from different services and websites. If in any case a website starts sending spam into your inbox , you can easily set the specific filter in your Gmail account to delete all the mails instantly when received in your inbox.

Now lets find out how we can create multiple email addresses from your Gmail address. There are two methods for creating multiple email addresses for your Gmail address.

Method 1: Using “+” annotation in your Gmail address

If you want to create multiple email addresses from your Gmail address then you can use the “+” symbol to add another word to your Gmail address. For example,


Suppose your Gmail address is and you want to create a custom email address for signing with . To create this custom email address , all you need to do is just add the keyword “amazon “ before or after your username in your email address like this “” or “”  and sign up with it on Now all the emails from both these emails will be sent to your primary Gmail address at .

It is as simple as that  and you can use this simple trick to create an unlimited number of custom email addresses and all of the mails would be send to your primary Gmail address .

Method 2: Using dots in your Gmail address 

Coming to the second method, its an less known fact about Gmail. Gmail does not care about how many dots you have in your email address. In fact it doesn’t recognize any dots within a Gmail address, which means you can place any number of dots within your Gmail address before the @ tag and Gmail will ignore the dots and still send the mail to your original mail address sans the dots. For example ,

Lets take your email address to be . If you add a dot anywhere within the words “brucewayne” , Gmail will always ignore the dots. Example you can create multiple emails address like the below :

  • and a lot more .

All these above Gmail address will still point towards your primary Gmail address at . Depending upon your requirement you can have many uses of these tricks , even you can use these tricks to update your Gmail address . Go ahead and try create as many custom email address as you would like for your Gmail address . and do let us know how this was useful to you . Keep subscribed for us to know about more interesting how to tips and tricks .

  • Chip Milligan

    what if i want to have different emails which receive their own mail? for ex, if i want all political emails to go to a specific email address, but use Gmail?

    • lovejeet

      Hi chip, you can use Gmail’s mail filtering feature to sort out a particular kind of email and then use the forwarding feature to forward those messages to another email address. I hope this was the answer you were looking for.

  • Nitin

    Method 1: Using “+” annotation in your Gmail address : is not working but the second is working. Please suggest me how to use first method

    • Mumpo

      Using the + annotation does work for me, but only when I do it like “”, not the other way round. I guess its because maybe there is an existing email address called “” so gmail wouldn’t know which part is the addition and which one is the real address.

  • pose

    Do you guys knows how to create multiple email accounts fast? I need like 3000 new account for my company and create one by one, sign up and verify it is soo frustrated.
    Please reply

    • esop


    • anonymous girl

      Yeah exactly even i wanna know this how to create 1000 gmail lovejeet pls help

    • anonymous girl

      Even i wanna know this how to create 1000 gmail a/c lovejeet pls help

  • REI

    how can I send 100 emails to texas, 100 emails to CA, 100 emails to FL identify where the answering emails are coming from?

  • hasmik

    How can I separate 2 gmail adresses? Once I connected my work gmail adress with my personal e-mail, now I want to separate them.

    • MP

      Use tags based on the multiple emails you created. For example, all emails received at peterparker will be personal and the mails sent to peterparker+spiderman will be for work.

  • toby

    Can you put two dots next to each other?

  • Parax

    The + method is incredibly dangerous – this sends the email to both gmail accounts [batman+brucewayne@gmail] will go to both [batman@gmail] and [brucewayne@gmail] if you do not own both accounts someone else may get your email!

  • nonet

    Hi! I have tried the dot trick – it works, except to create a new FB account… any comment/suggestion/help on that part? (thanks!)

  • Riddlemethis

    Looks like Google just recently got rid of the “+” ability in email addresses. I just tried to set up an email address with the “+” eg. and the email was bounced back as an invalid email address when I did a test message. Just so you know, this DID work for me before. Not any more.

  • daretodream

    Hello Admin! I just want to know that can I use this trick with gosignups which one is paying for signing up and always forcing to signup with new gmail account.

  • Odubabaplus

    How can I send a distributed mail to multiple addresses via a single recipient address

  • christinbaumgarten

    This is a great post, thanks a lot.
    I actually prefer using a desktop email client, where I can add as many email account as I want and have. Mailbird for example is great for Windows and has implemented Unified Inbox Plus, that mean I get all of my mail in one inbox as well.

  • Behzad Jawan Bakhsh

    If I want to create, say, 100 email IDs for students, how can I create them with their names? Like if name of one is Amir Khan and other is Salman Khan.

  • dev

    I have tried. sends mail to only. So, is not a valid way to receive emails since it will go to only.