Download Windows 7 SP1 ISO ( 32bit / 64bit )


Download Official Windows 7 ISO images from Microsoft: Few days back , a friend of mine Accidentally broke his original windows 7 Installation Disk and unfortunately he had not bothered to create a backup copy of his windows 7 Disk beforehand. So i had to lend him the Original copy of Windows 7 disk. However if something similar happens with you and you cannot source out a windows 7 disk from your friends or relatives, continue reading on to find out how you can download a copy of the Windows 7 ISO image officially from Microsoft for free.

If you are stuck in a situation where you have lost your windows 7 installation disk or damaged it accidentally, you can always download a copy of your windows 7 ISO file from Microsoft itself. Many people are not aware of this and most of the time they usually end of downloading pirated copies of Microsoft windows 7 from various sites online.

I would always advise against downloading windows 7 from Illegal sites online. The main reason being most of these pirated copies of windows 7 are modified and have various spywares hidden in them, which are almost undetectable by most antiviruses. Using a pirated copy of windows 7 on your computer will compromise your private data to hackers and at the same time you will not be able to receive major updates for bug fixes and security.

Microsoft offers free downloads for most of its Operating systems. If you have a fast internet connection then you can easily download any version of windows 7 from the links below. These Windows 7 ISO files are hosted by Digital river, which is Microsoft’s official content delivery partner for Windows 7 .

All these Windows 7 ISO’s come with SP1 integrated in them and have a 30 day trial period. Once installed, you can use your Original windows 7 key to activate your windows 7 installation.


Microsoft has stopped providing Windows 7 ISO images directly to the public. You can only download them directly from Microsoft if you have a genuine Windows 7 product key that you’ve purchased from an authorized retailer. Fortunately various third party sites have also started offering the Windows 7 ISO files for free download and one of them is the popular software download site, Softpedia.

Download Windows 7 SP1  ( x86 / x64 ) ISO files form Softpedia

Apart from the above links provided by softpedia, you can also download Windows 7 ISO files from third party mirrors on the web. However make sure to verify the MD5 hashtags of these ISO files. Download Windows 7 from Microsoft Product Recovery

Fortunately a German mirror site has backed up some of the ISO files of Windows 7. The following link contains a list of all the Windows 7 ISO files available for download via torrents.

Download Windows 7 SP1  ( x86 / x64 ) ISO Torrent ( )

Visit the following site to download Genuine Windows 7 ISO files from torrents:

The Windows 7 ISO files provided on the above site are untouched versions. You can verify the originality of these Windows 7 ISO files by comparing their MD5 hashtags with the official tags provided by Microsoft in the respective MSDN pages. I cannot post those links on this site as the site has disabled direct linking.

Note : Since most of these files are above 2GB in size, we advise you to use a Download manager like Free Download Manager to download these Windows 7 ISO images. After downloading these images, you can either burn these Windows 7 ISO images on a DVD or create a bootable Windows 7 USB flash drive to install Windows 7 on your PC.

How to Download Windows 7 ISO with a Genuine Product Key

Alternatively, for those who have a genuine Windows 7 key, here’s how you can use it to download a Windows 7 ISO for free. Alternatively, if your Windows PC came installed with genuine Windows 7, you can use a free program like Magic Jellybean Keyfinder to view your key.

Head over to and enter your genuine windows 7 product key and choose a language.


Note: You might have problem verifying OEM Windows 7 keys. If you face any problems contact Microsoft directly or your OEM key provider.

Wait for a few seconds for your key to be verified and you will be able to download a ISO image of Windows 7. Since the ISO image will be more than 2GB in size, it is recommended to use a Download manager to download it successfully. Once you’ve downloaded the ISO images, you can then use Rufus to create a bootable Windows 7 ISO and proceed with installing Windows 7 on your PC.

How to Create a Bootable Windows 7 USB flash drive to install Windows 7

Once you’ve downloaded the ISO images, you can then use Rufus to create a bootable Windows 7 ISO and proceed with installing Windows 7 on your PC. Follow the instructions provided in the link below to create a bootable windows 7 USB flash drive.

Read: How to Create a bootable Windows 7 USB flash drive.

There are two options to choose from during the Windows 7 installation process:

  • Upgrade. This option replaces your current version of Windows with Windows 7, and keeps your files, settings, and programs in place on your computer.
  • Custom. This option replaces your current version of Windows with Windows 7, but doesn’t preserve your files, settings, and programs. It’s sometimes referred to as a clean installation for that reason.

For more information visit this link.

The Content Below is outdated.

Download Windows 7 SP1 ISO ( x86 / x64 ) Image

  • Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate x86 English
  • Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate x64 English
  • Windows 7 32-bit Professional x86 English
  • Windows 7 64-bit Professional x64 English
  • Windows 7 32-bit Home Premium x86 English
  • Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium X64 English
  • Windows 7 32-bit Professional x86 Chinese
  • Windows 7 64-bit Professional x64 Chinese
  • Windows 7 32-bit Professional x86 Danish
  • Windows 7 64-bit Professional x64 Danish
  • Windows 7 32-bit Professional x86 Dutch
  • Windows 7 64-bit Professional x64 Dutch
  • Windows 7 32-bit Professional x86 Finnish
  • Windows 7 64-bit Professional x64 Finnish
  • Windows 7 32-bit Professional x86 French
  • Windows 7 64-bit Professional x64 French
  • Windows 7 32-bit Professional x86 German
  • Windows 7 64-bit Professional x64 German
  • Windows 7 32-bit Professional x86 Italian
  • Windows 7 64-bit Professional x64 Italian
  • Windows 7 32-bit Professional x86 Norwegian
  • Windows 7 64-bit Professional x64 Norwegian
  • Windows 7 32-bit Professional x86 Portuguese
  • Windows 7 64-bit Professional x64 Portuguese
  • Windows 7 32-bit Professional x86 Spanish
  • Windows 7 64-bit Professional x64 Spanish
  • Windows 7 32-bit Professional x86 Swedish
  • Windows 7 64-bit Professional x64 Swedish
  • Windows 7 32-bit Professional K x86 Korean
  • Windows 7 64-bit Professional K x64 Korean

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  • rico dan

    I’m downloading windows 7 for 32bit with bootable option
    Does it need any key to install?


    • No , you it doesnt require a key to install windows 7 . although you need to activate it with your wndows 7 product key within 30 days .

    • Chester Ladera Cabana

      where did u donwload windows 7 with bootable option ..

      • All the windows 7 images provided here are bootable.

  • Greetings

    Dear, I am looking a Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit without SP 1, any idea where I can download it from.

    Bless you for time & efforts.

  • Hi gomnosano We appreciate your effort to help our viewers , but Please don’t share anything related to piracy on this blog . We strictly don’t encourage piracy on our blog .

  • Windows installer

    Thanks for Windows 7 ultimate its working 🙂 i used for virtual box! Thanks man!!!

  • Chester Ladera Cabana

    where can i download windows 7 all version iso x86 x64 bit trial version …. in single dvd.. can you give me a link please.. thanks

    • Chester Ladera Cabana

      which come with both 32-bit as well as 64-bit editions combined.

  • Helmi

    thanks so much.
    i need this,windows 7 ultimate x86
    work for me.

  • Han Solo

    Downloading now, thanks but I need more bandwidth from the DL site, I have 50 Mbps avail. but the DL site is throttled back (745 Kpbs) been awhile I had to wait over an hour to get 2.4 gigs.
    No big, I’ll just hop in the ole Falcon and head over to Tatooine for a lil action 😉

    • Some impressive download speeds you’ve got there. i am sure downloading this wont be a problem for you :). Have a good day.

  • impatient

    i could chisel the code onto a stone tablet faster than this download. How can i speed it up?

    • Its a public download, for maximum download speed try downloading these ISO files at late night or early in the morning.

  • Bill Jones

    Hi, What if my computer came pre-installed with windows 7 on it, and I don’t have the disk? Can I still use the ISO if I have the product key?

    • Future IT


      I had 7 Home Premium and was able to use Professional ISO to upgrade, and I had the product key.

      • Bill Jones

        Thank you!

  • BillyBob

    where can i find an activation key if i dont have one?

    • Hi BillyBob, i would advise you to purchase an genuine Windows 7 activation key.

  • Future IT

    Thank you for this! I use VirtualBox a lot for a few courses I am taking for IT & networking, and I accidentally deleted my current VB machine and didn’t have the stupid ISO on a flash drive and didn’t feel like going on campus to get it. It’ll be worth the wait in download time just to not go out in the cold! haha.

    • Your welcome, we are glad we could help you 🙂 .

  • Dilen

    this is X17-59465 is a later version than X17-24281 right?

  • Ani

    I have downloaded and installed Win7 SP1 from the link you have provided. Its working fine. But the I dont have the key to activate and its asking to activate within 3 days. Please help.

    • You need to purchase purchase windows 7 and use the key provided with it to activate your copy of windows 7.

  • lloyd

    Hi, just downloaded Windows 7 64-bit Professional x64 English
    and only realized during installation that is the Ultimate version not the Pro version

  • Jimmuel

    I also downloaded Windows 7 64-bit Professional x64 English but it is a Windows Ultimate x86. Fix the link please..

    • Thanks Jimmuel, its fixed now.

  • lolq

    Can you provide a link to the Polish (x64) version? Thank You.

  • asdjfkldjf

    Link for home premium 64 bit is wrong; it ends up downloading ultimate 64 bit.

    • Thanks for notifying us, i have updated the correct download links now.

  • disqus_DX6nugGdm0

    Will Win7 ultimate 64 install over my win7 ultimate 32. Using same key that have saved. But have lost my disks in a move.

    • Yes you can use your windows 7 key for both 32 and 64bit versions.

  • hesham

    plz my lap is dell Inspiron 15R N5110 what windows can download

    • Hi hesham you can use any version of windows, all you need to have is a genuine key to activate it.

  • Rajesh

    Thanks Jeet

  • Aslan

    Just want to make sure is this correct and valid link:
    i want to DL win 7 ult 64 bit ?

  • amru

    Can i download it for upgrading my pc .. 32 to 64

    • Yes you can.

      • amru

        ty for respond me so fast 😀
        i want do it now , ty also for link

    • Jose Rosas

      No you cant. If your PC was originally 32-Bit, then a 64-Bit wont work because your CPU wouldnt be compatible.

  • ThAlberts

    Hello, can it be that 64 bit professional X64 Dutch is a ultimate version?
    Do you have a link for 64 bit professional Dutch

    • Edo Alberts

      Hi Lovejeet, 64 bit professional X64 Dutch is in english. have you got a new link for dutch?
      SKU ain’t working .

  • amru

    lovejeet , its succes .. so many things to do , i got last issue .. where i can find my activation key?

    • You need to buy a legit activation key from Microsoft to activate your copy of windows.

  • Techless

    My laptop broke(Win 7 Home Prem 64-bit) luckily i have my friend to fix it, but he only installs the Home Prem 32-bit. Can i upgrade it to 64 again? i also have the product key in sticker under the laptop, will it work? Thanks! and Sorry! its my first time doing this. >.<

    • Hopefully Helpful

      Yes you can! Just follow the instructions on the page, mount the ISO image for the 64bit win 7 home premium, install it over the old 32 bit, and then register the 64 bit with your product key on your laptop! (:

      • Kai

        No, he can’t! Once the x32 operating system is in place, it will destroy any older data he has (fresh install) to get the x64 OS running. His hardware needs to be able to support x64 also.

        • Techless

          My hardware is originally 64. so i just need to make a bootable Win 7 HP 64-bit? and back up important things?

          • Yes you will need to backup all your important data and then install windows 7 by using a bootable 64 bit windows 7 USB flash drive.

  • Dave

    hi! The portuguese one, is the brazilian portuguese?

  • manjot singh

    hi lovejeet i have hp probook 6460b which is given by my collage they din give me the product key please help where can i find it its not at the backside of the laptop.pls help. thank you tons

    • Can you tell me which OS came installed with your Laptop?

  • casimk

    thanks for the link of win7 pro. Is there any direct for win8 pro full version???

    • you are welcome casimk. As for the windows 8 links, Microsoft is not providing windows 8 and windows 8.1 ISO images for download to the public. The only way to download window 8 ISO images is by using an original product key.

  • Abdul Shajahan

    i wanna an win 7 original operating sysrem jeet n not a trial verion

    • The download links provided above are for the the retail/full versions of windows 7, but in order to activate it you will need a legit windows 7 key.

  • Abdul Shajahan

    in above like r trail ony Mr.jeet

  • Auz

    Would a 32 bit key (came with the 32 bit installation DVD) work with a 64 bit ISO? Assuming there both the Professional version.

    • Yes you can use a 32bit windows 7 key to activate a 64 bit copy of windows 7.

  • aaron

    no key needed?

    • Ricky

      These are legitimate retail isos, you will need a legitimate key.

  • privatebrian


    Can you tell me if these windows 7 iso’s come with the latest updates, or will i still need to download
    a million updates as well…thanks in advance….

    • i use linux insted

      most likely

  • Db Ben

    can these iso’s be used to do a “repair install / in-place install” on a pre-installed o.s. on a laptop?

    • Jose Rosas

      Yes, but make sure you have the key or else it will be pointless since the user wouldnt be able to use for more than 30 days.

  • Ian

    hey i have a problem all my files turn to shortcut can u help me with that….

    • leonneo

      Which location? Backup?

    • Ahmed Ahmed

      hi search google about (shortcut virus remover v3.1) it will help you

      but first you must downloud kaspersky antivirus and update to remove malware after that use (shortcut virus remover v3.1)

  • raja

    Hi lan,
    Pls check for viruses in your system…. Also check your actual files are hidden…

  • arron06

    ive upgraded from vista to win7, but dont have a product key, on my laptop i have win7 can i use that key to activate this copy of win7 on this pc

    • i use linux insted


    • Jose Rosas

      Yes you can, if you dont have the product key with the sticker, then you must find it within your using a program. You should have a written copy of the Win7 Product Key, if you replaced it with Vista before, but thats not always the case.

  • Mick

    Thank you!

  • Thank you! But what difference between Professional and Ultimate, what version of windows are better? I have bad hardware configuration on PC.

    • i use linux insted

      ultmate is the best professional is under ultmate and ultmate requires more power in the machine
      you may want to use home insted it will work better for you

      • Thank you very much for reply! I do another one if you can reply 🙂 My machine have 64bit support, but i never try, if i install xubuntu for 64bit him work better then xubuntu 32bit? Sorry for bad English and all this question.

        • Jose Rosas

          If your PC supports 64-Bit, then yes you can do it. 64-Bit just has few more features in general, Xubuntu or not. Typically a 64-Bit will have more Processing power than a 32-Bit,, so will definately see a performance increase. Also, if your PC has a more than 3 GB of RAM then 32-Bit will not work since it doesnt support past 3 GB of RAM. But anyways, if you can put 64-Bit it is highly recomended to be used instead of 32. With 64-Bit you get more out of your PC.

      • Mark Broge

        Ultimate does not require more power in the machine. All versions of Windows 7 are included on the installation media, they differ only in the features offered. Ultimate just adds a couple things like BitLocker and multi-language ability. You can see a side-by-side comparison here:

  • i use linux insted

    ive tried 3 times to set windows up each time using ultmate pro and home and each time it said that i needed to make a proper partion to have this work and i tried like 10 times to make this work and is still did not work some one plaese help

  • mahdi

    is very good windows 7 Microsoft official

  • impatient

    starts to download fast but slows way down, drops to about 40 kb/sec and looks like it will take 12 hours to download. Does the server throttle the download speed and is there a way to speed it up?

    • the speed will vary according to the server load. If you try downloading them at night, you might be able to get good download speeds.

      • Raizen

        lovejeet? i idolized yor knowledge about pc systems.
        i think you can help me i just wanna ask where i could download windows 7 ultimate 32/64bit with no expiration.
        thanks for your respons 🙂

        • Hi raizen, you will need to buy a genuine activation key to activate these windows 7 copies.

          • Microsolver Xp

            I just downloaded ( since my official copy got stepped on) Win 7 Ultimate 64bit and it is NOT from Microsoft unless Microsoft enjoys including Crack folders and keygens. I loaded it up into MagicISO and could not open any of the folders, just the main directory. I thought these were genuine?

            I don’t think the “msft.” server is one from Microsoft. If it is, then someone need investigate Microsoft’s Integrity and find out who’s uploading these images calling them “Versions of Windows for Backup”. These may have “Rootkits or Spyware in them if they were gotten from illegal sites”

          • Hi, just take a look at the official Microsoft forums, you will find the moderators over there providing these links to everyone. These fields are completely safe and if you do a Google search you can see these links on many more reputed sites.

  • Asifali

    Are these service pack one??

    • Yes, all of these windows 7 copies contain the SP1.

      • Asifali

        Thanx for ur responce! Well just one more thing are they activated? if not how to activate them?

        • All of these windows 7 downloads come with a 30 day trial period. After the trial period is over you will need a genuine windows 7 key to activate them.

          • Asifali

            `oh bad 🙁 actualy lovejeet i have got my laptop from university and the didn’t give me any product key help me plz where can i find it its not at the backside of the laptop jst one thing written at both laptop back side and packing is that (Geniun windows 7 home basic 64 bit) pls help. bundle of thankx

  • Matt

    I am trying to partition my hard drive on my Mac so i can still do some other work that I need Windows for but they keep saying its not 64 bit even when I downloaded the 64 bit. Any ideas?

  • Trev

    Guys, I am running Vista Home premium 32 bit at the moment. What is the easiest way to upgrade to Windows 7. Will these downloads do it for me, and what about the activation key. Will it need one and where do I get it from.
    Thaks trev…

    • Jose Rosas

      They might work if your PC has the Windows 7 Requirements, which are:

      1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor

      1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)

      16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)

      DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

      To get the product key you must buy it from Microsoft, there is no free product key. If you have a old Win7 PC around that you dont use you can try use its product key, although you might want to deactivate the Windows 7 on that PC, just to make sure it works.

  • Sriram Kukkadapu

    pls post windows 8&8.1 pro,ultimate 64 bit direct link to microsoft website. Pls post

    • Hi Sriram, unfortunately Microsoft does not provide the official download links for windows 8 and windows 8.1. You will compulsorily need a genuine key to download ISO files of windows 8 and windows 8.1.

  • htimba

    Will the Product Key on the bottom of my laptop work with the ISO or will I have to purchase other product key

    • Jose Rosas

      Yeah it will work.

    • m31n3m3n3

      It will work with the proper edition. Take a closer look at the sticker, the edition should be mentioned there.

  • htimba

    I have a product key underneath my laptop. Will that work with ISO?

    • If the product key beneath your laptop is for windows 7, then it will definitely work the windows 7 ISO files provided here.

      • htimba

        Yeah, I have a 3 year old Toshiba Satellite that had Win 7 on it, it had gotten so corrupt that it was blue screening. I had tried the Factory restore (Toshiba doesn’t include a restore disk) several times and it didn’t fix the problem. So I wiped the hard drive clean and installed Linux Mint 16 on it and had been using that for about 4 months without any problems, and it’s a nice system, but I have been wanted to put Windows back on it, and wasn’t sure if I would have to buy another licence for it. So this is definitely good news. Thanks.

        • htimba

          The label says Windows 7 Home Prem OA (not sure what the OA stands for), so I downloaded Win 7 Home Premium x64 and installed it, but the product key didn’t work. Not sure why, but I reinstalled Linux Mint again.

  • Will

    Thank you Lovejeet. The Windows 7 ISO installed perfectly as a VM on my Fedora Workstation using gnome-boxes. My old Asus laptops activation key was able to successfully active the OS. I’ve a few dead laptops with old Windows 7 keys preinstalled on them. It’s nice to finally have them back online, rebranded as virtual machines at least. And the digitalriver download was extremely fast (a few minutes), at least for me over FiOS.

  • Asifali

    i download Ultimate x86 and try to install it on oracle virtualbox but during expending file process around 45% i got an error some windows files are corrupt or missing [error code: 0x80070570)] any body have idea how to fix this? is iso file right? plz help…..

  • Kashif Khan

    I have downloaded Windows 7 Professional 64 bit,, I will install it on my Laptop.
    Now the question is that , I have a Product KEY of windows 7 PRO on the back of my Laptop..can I use that key to activate this window that i have downloaded from this site…Thanks
    Kashif Khan

    • yes you can use the Windows 7 product key provided on the back of your laptop to activate any of these windows 7 copies.

  • xKikizki

    I’m downloading Windows 7 Professional 64bit to my pc ATM. My PC had Windows 8 64 bit but i downgraded it to Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit. Will I still be able to install Win 7 Professional 64bit to my PC?

    • Yes you will be able to do a new installation of windows 7 professional 64bit on your PC.

  • Anonymous

    What is an illegal site? You mean a torrent site? I torrented the ISO for maximum speed and just checked integrity using a checksum.

    • What you said is absolutely correct, but not many of us might know how to verify an ISO file. So its a general advice for them.

  • manojfelis

    Hi thanks for the download link. Is the windows downloaded from these links are updated versions? I.e., Latest version containing all the updates up-to-date?

    • I am not sure if Microsoft has the provided the latest updates with these windows 7 SP1 copies, but you can download the updates once windows 7 is installed on your PC.

  • Lee H

    Hi, im currently just downloading home premium at the moment – do I need to burn to a disc or USB flash drive or can I just run the setup from the download section? iv had about 3 attempts at this already through various other download links all which have failed bringing up an error code of 0X0

    • Hi Lee,
      use any of the methods which seems to be easier for you. As for the errors it seems to be a problem with your hard disk. A quick Google search will help you find out a solution for the errors.

  • hood

    i keep getting this error Install error: 0xc00000e9

    • You usually get this error if the installation media or the hard disk is faulty. Try burning the ISO files at a lower speed ( 2x ) otherwise create and use a bootable windows 7 USB Flash drive.

  • Iceman

    Hi there, I am new to all of this, I am currently downloading the Windows 7 Professional 64bit iso image/file, Once the download is complete I then burn the image onto a disk right? Should i burn it onto a CD or DVD?? What must i do after i have done all these steps??

    Reply back ASAP!!


    • 1.Once you download the ISO file you will need to burn it to a DVD disc. After that you need to insert it in the DVD drive and reboot your PC.
      2. When you PC reboots, go to your PC’s bios and set the DVD drive with the first boot priority. save the settings and your PC will restart.
      3. When your PC boots up you will be prompted to press a key to start the windows installation process.

  • Laura

    I have a new desk top PC that has windows 7 64 bit. Due to my software on my network I need 32 bit. I downloaded Windows 7 32 Bit X86 english, burn it to a DVD, and tried to install it. It won’t let me go back to a 32Bit. Does anyone know what I can do to get back to a 32 Bit system ? Any help will be Greatly Appreciated !

    • Windows does not allow you to upgrade from a 32 bit OS to a 64 bit OS
      and vice versa. You will need to perform a fresh installation of windows
      7 32 bit on your PC.

      • Iceman

        Lovejeet can you PLEASE answer my question//??

        • Sorry for the late reply, i just answered your query. Hope it helps you.

  • Thanks a lot, Lovejeet!

  • Ali Eve

    Dude I love you! You just saved my life ahahahaha

  • Sunil

    Is this fully activated setup ?
    ya trail version setup ?

    • These windows 7 copies are a 30 day trial version. You will need a genuine windows 7 product key to activate them.

      • Iceman

        Hi Lovejeet, I have burned the ISO file onto a DVD disk, I have an OEM Valid Win 7 Professional 64bit Key, can i use this to Activate my Genuine windows 7 Trial??

        Reply back soon!


  • martin

    Guys I have downloaded Windows 7 Home Premium x86 and tried to create bootable USB. I have received Error extracting Windows 7 image. In log is stated: Error reading UDF file booten-usbootsect.exe.mui

    Can you help? Cheers

  • Iceman2

    Hi Lovejeet, I have the ISO file burned onto a DVD disk, I have an OEM Win 7 Professional 64bit Valid Key, Can i use this to Activate my Genuine windows 7 Trial???

  • Harkster

    I am Downloading the 64 bit win 7 iso file from different laptop to try and fix my own ,will the

    Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool open the file to copy to dvd so i can try fix mine ?

    • Harkster

      It is an acer aspire laptop ..Hope you can help …

    • Yes you can create a Bootable windows 7 USB flash drive on another laptop and use it to install windows 7 on your own laptop.

      • Harkster

        Thanks ..Is USB flash drive the better option rather than dvd ?

        • Yes it works fine and is definitely faster than using a DVD.

          • Harkster

            Great ..cheers

  • Jas

    Hi, my laptop was encrypted with some virus, thus I had to re-install my Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I followed the guidelines online in order to install the windows from a boot-able USB and successfully re-installed windows. However, within 2 days time I have started to experience the blue screen crash on the newly installed windows. I used the original product key of my previously purchased windows. Can you please suggest me what to do?

    • Blue screens are usually related to incompatible drivers and faulty hardware. Try installing all the required drivers for your laptop. such as the graphic, Ethernet, audio drivers etc.

  • paresh suthar

    “….download these Windows 8 ISO images. After downloading these images you can burn these Windows 7 ISO images on a DVD…” -above

    Are these ISOs of win 8 or win 7? I understand that win 7 is the desired installed version but I was just curious if one is able to create a prior install cd from next version on win. I didn’t think that was possible and would be good info to know.

    • oops that was typo, thanks for pointing it out Paresh. All these ISO images are of windows 7.

    • Oops that was a typo. Thanks for pointing it out Paresh. All these ISO images are of windows 7.

  • Derok

    I’ve been trying to download these and each time the download cuts off at 2.0GB. I see that the files are supposed to be 3.1GB, any idea why I’m getting cut off?

    • sep

      lol use ntfs file system dude

  • murthy

    I need windows 7 starter os, please send me the link

  • seth

    I have win 7 32 bit. can i reinstall window 7 64 bit??? with the same key???

    • Yes you can use your 32 bit windows 7 key to activate a 64 bit copy of windows 7, although the version should be same for both.

  • Harkster

    Hi lovejeet .Back again ,was on last night ..The reason i wanted to reboot windows was for the past few weeks my laptop (less than 2 years old )was getting slower and slower and cpu very slow, ended up near half hour to start , so thought full clear reinstall would sort this ..Managed to get the full iso file on flash as you recommended ,no probs there it is reinstalled but just as bad, been on black screen for ages just with arrow …Need Help ! Any Ideas ?

    • Harkster

      Its 64bit premium …

      • It seems to be a hardware problem to me. Please check the Microsoft forums, you might get a fix over there.

        • Harkster

          Thanks .,Think you are right ..Will try but think its off to PC shop

  • Vik C

    Quick question Lovejeet – at the website below, the link for Windows 7 Professional English x64 seems to end in “24281” while yours is “59186” – may I ask what difference is? Thank you!

  • New to IT

    Hi I am using this to install on a laptop that has XP. I downloaded the file on that PC and then created a bootable flash drive. I am waiting for it all to load onto the flash now my question is do I just plug it in to the pc as is with XP on it or do I have to do wipe it out first?? Please help me I have been messing with this machine for 2 1/2 days now, thats why i decided to put windows 7 on it.

    • No, you don’t need to wipe anything. As soon as your bootable USB flash drive is prepared, you can connect the USB flash drive with you PC and then restart it. When your PC restarts, go to the bios and set the USB flash drive with first boot priority, Save the settings and restart. When your PC boots up again you will be prompted to press a key to start the windows 7 installation.

  • New to IT

    Also I am wondering should I delete the file off of the pc after i put it on the USB???

    • Don,t delete the windows 7 file, keep it on your PC or burn it to a dvd, in the future you might need it to repair your windows 7 installation with it.

    • ykatzma

      Hi, lovejeet. All these files belong to UDF file system. Even when I burned it to DVD, and verification was OK, the DVD did not boot. I was also not able to open the ISO using my PowerISO. You have any idea how to solve the problem?

  • Werner Marx

    Hi Lovejeet, just a quick question. I downloaded Win 7 pro 64 and burned the .iso to disk. Tried installing it on 3 different PC’s, all 3 PC’s boots successfully, but all 3 fails mid installation. Tried 2 different new DVD’s, tried writing at 2x speeds ect, not working. Yet, when I install a VM machine from the .iso it works flawless. What could cause it not to work on DVD? It hangs right where it starts to copy the windows setup files. Everything points to a faulty DVD but I’ve burnt 3 different copies from two machines (thought it might be my dvd writer.) I’m stumped.

    • Hi Werner, its hard to identify the problem from here. The copying process might take around 10 to 20 minutes or more which varies according to the computer’s hardware. I will suggest you to create a bootable Windows 7 USB flash drive and check if that works. Here’s how you can create a bootable windows 7 USB flash drive :

      • Werner Marx

        Hey dude, thanks for the reply. Tried the USB method, but my computer just hangs after the POST process, right before it’s supposed to boot. I’ve done some googling, but it looks like I’m the only one having these types of issues. Therefor I have to deduce that the problem is somewhere on my side. I’ll tinker a bit with these images, and report back when I find the issue. I’ve found an original win 7 disk in the meantime, but this is bothering me why I cant get it to work. PS thanks for uploading these.

  • marv

    Shouldn’t these ISO downloads (Windows 7 professional 64 bit) be matched to a specific MD5 Checksum to assure validity?

    • Hi Marv,There is no need of validating these ISO files, as you can see all the files are hosted on Digital river which is Microsoft’s official content delivery partner for their online stores.

  • user

    I have tried downloading a few of these with and without the download manager. All have stopped at 99%. is anyone else having this issue?

  • Glen

    I am looking to reinstall my Windows 7 which I already own.

    I take it these images are the very latest versions that Microsoft is shipping (digitally), and include the latest updates up to that point?

    I won’t have to download 3 years worth of updates after installing these?

    • All these Windows 7 ISO’s include the windows SP1 update. The SP1 update includes most major updates for windows 7 but you might have to download a few recent updates.

      • Glen

        Cool. Thanks.

  • SecretUser

    Is this original from MSDN servers?

    • yes these are original and untouched windows 7 retails ISO’s.

      • TopS.

        so from MSDN? 😀

        • These Windows 7 ISO’s are not from MSDN. These ISO’s are from Digitalriver, which is Microsoft’s content delivery partner for their online stores.

          • Tops.

            and what difference are between this ISO and ISO from MSDN? thx

          • Not much, these ISO files are pretty much the same ones but they are available trough different channels. While MSDN is for developers, Digitalriver on the other hand is for the end consumers. You can check out the Microsoft forums, most Moderators over there provide windows 7 links hosted on digitalriver.

          • TopS.

            Hmm, and in OS files is anything modifed/deleted/added?

          • TopS.

            compared MSDN ISO?

          • These ISO’s are completely untouched, I have used these to install windows 7 on my PC.

          • Tops

            so ok.. thank you 🙂
            btw., i have NTB ASUS EEEPC 1018p [Intel Atom N475 1:83GHz, 2 GB ram].. do you recommend 32 bit or 64 bit version? thanks

          • Since you have 2GB of Ram, i will recommend you to install any 32bit version of Windows 7.

          • Tops

            Okay, thank you.

  • Tops

    i have last 1 question 😀 Can I run Aero on that NTB what you writed in before comment? In windows index experience i have score 2.9 in graphics for aero. thanks 🙂

    • Its not that it wont work but your system’s performance might be affected if you enable the Aero interface. But you can definitely give it a try.

      • tops

        ok 🙂 and could someone upload this english versions to I want to import them to my account, and i dont want to up, because i haven’t fast upload speed. thx 🙂

      • Ishwar

        whats the product key for this

        • All the windows 7 ISO files come with an 30 days trial period. After that you will need to purchase a genuine windows 7 key to activate it.

  • Clive Desire

    I’m using Vista at the moment on my laptop, are there files that will be lost if i upgrade to Windows 7 please?

    • If you are upgrading from windows vista to windows 7, then you wont need to backup any files since Windows 7 will keep all the files, settings, and programs from Windows Vista.

      • ld_in_on

        you WILL lose your data if you “upgrade” vista 32 with win7 64. You WIL NOT lose data if you upgrade vista 32 to win 7 32 OR vista 64 to win 7 64, but some applications may not work.

        lovejeet: you keep telling people who don’t quite undstand (based on previous posts) that 32 and 64 bit is okay with proper licence key. you MUST make them aware about data lose as described.
        Assume NOTHING from the posters and give them ALL the info so that they are aware. You mention “custom” which is OK, but expand this. Not all people know what custom means

        Either that or direct them to the proper MS link which describes all the scenarios.

        so in general:

        1.Any Repair/upgrade attempt 32->32 OR 64->64may involve data lose. ALWAYS backup you data before procedures.
        2. Any repair/upgrade attempt going from 32->64 will result in data lose as well as application renistall (if compatable). again, ALWAYS backup you data before procedures.

        further info here:

        • You are right, but i started this thread to share these windows 7 links. i didn’t had any idea of this post becoming too popular. Anyways your comments will really help a lot of our viewers, thank you mate. I will add your link to the post.

    • in case you are planning for a custom installation of windows 7 then you will need to backup all the data from your windows installation.

  • kepexsuga



    How do you get the product key from this download?

    • Chris Hansen

      You buy it from Microsoft. 🙂 These are ISOs for anyone that may have lost their disc or the disc no longer works.

  • x

    windows 7 professional SP1 Polish please

  • zxarik

    what is the version of thses windows i mean how much old?

    • All these Windows 7 ISO’s come with all the SP1 updates. I Cant say how much old are these, since Microsoft doesn’t provide that information. Rest assured you will have to download very few updates after you install windows 7 from these ISO’s.

  • timothy willis

    what do you do after you download the rar file and how to find the image file bc i done like it said and the intsall couldnt find the files

  • Alex

    eu vreau sa instalez windows 7 ultimate in engleza de pe un site acum repedeeeeeee

  • Gino

    hi can i still update the windows????

    • You should be able to get updates until the 30 day trial gets over. After that you will need to activate windows 7 using a genuine key to get regular updates.

      • Gino

        if 30 days trial expired, what happen now to os?

    • Here is what happens If you don’t activate Windows 7

      – You will be prompted every time you log in to Activate.

      – You will receive periodic prompts to activate your software.

      – Certain visual experiences will be disabled such as the Windows Aero Glass theme.

      – Won’t be able to update software such as Microsoft Security Essentials.

      • Gino

        okay… can i use the activation key that i have in my computer and use it if i install again a winwos 7..?

        • Yes, if its a genuine windows 7 key. you can use it to activate windows 7 once again.

          • Gino

            okay,, THANK you so much sir. 😀

          • If you have purchased a genuine copy of windows 7 from a store, then you can use the key provided with it to activate windows 7.

      • wtthunder

        i dont use microsoft security essentials i use trend micro internet security

  • rick

    whether to enter the serial number later if I install windows 7 ultimate?

    • Yes you can enter the serial number anytime within the 30 days trial period after you install windows 7.

  • Souvenir

    Thanks a lot! Keep it up!

  • JP

    Hi there, the link you provided for the Home Premium 32bit is not correct. Could you please provide me with the correct link

  • These links don’t work for me. Has this been discontinued?

  • Omar A

    Links became dead and not working :/

  • Tom Segers

    Ye links are dead and its really frustating. I got a laptop where hard disk crashed went to get a new one wanted to install but noticed the cd i had for my pc is professional and laptop is home, i need to home 64 bit version in dutch (i dont care the langauge, but noticed when on my msdn account that they make a difference between dutch and english version) So dont know if the key will work with english version. Its just a key from a laptop with the sticker on the bottom. Been looking for over an hour for the original version of windows but only finding dead links or sites that arent from microsoft so im doubtfull if there cracked or original versions

    • Seems Microsoft has removed these links or either they have updated these with ones. I will take a look at it and try to update them as soon as possible.

      • Omar A

        Could you please provide me an alternative link for windows 7 ultimate Sp1 x64?

  • brian

    links still not working anyone have a fix?

    • It seems Microsoft has discontinued these Windows 7 ISO files. At the moment here is no confirmation from Microsoft about this. It can even be a temporary problem. In case Microsoft provides updated Windows 7 ISO images, i will add them here.

  • Conder

    Have you also Windows 8.1?

    • hi Conder, unfortunately Microsoft doesn’t provide direct downloads for windows 8 and 8.1 ISO images. However if you have a genuine key, you can easily download ISO images for windows 8 and 8.1 .

  • AJ

    Called Microsoft. They stated that they are still having server issues. I been told to wait and try again tomorrow..

    • Hi AJ, Thank you very much for informing us 🙂

  • PoofyJedi

    I have a genuine key. I just REALLY need a ISO. 🙁

  • Barry

    hello i like windows 7 ultimate im downloading it hope it will work ok my laptop is a fast system lol

    • It should definitely work 🙂

  • Timothy Gass

    I’m able to download 🙂

  • cman

    Is it recommended to use download manager when downloading this type of file , I started the download without it and it looks to be a 4 hour download.

    • It generally depends upon your internet connection. You seem to have a stable internet connection, but for those who don’t have good internet connection, a download manager would be a better option, since it would allow you to stop and resume the download anytime.

  • furqan

    do you have 7 enterprise

  • Andrew

    • 3 days ago

    Called Microsoft. They stated that they are still having server issues. I been told to wait and try again tomorrow..

    is this still true? or are these links working again?

    • Yes the links are working once again. It was just a temporary problem.

  • serhat

    turkish ver. can u upload it pls i have a home premium x64 key but i cant find any cd ?

  • luxorscorp

    The spanish version is the same as the english version (either in x64). Both booting with the same language….sorry for my english.

  • Loyd

    Hi. I’m downloading it right now. I’m going to install it on the new computer I’m buying tomorrow. Question is, can I download it now then save on a flash drive then install on the new computer? If yes, how? Thanks!

  • Mark Sherwood

    Upon inserting the disk (with Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit) it says “Enter Password”. That is the first thing to pop up. Any ideas?

  • Nathan

    Is there a way I can backup Windows Updates so I don’t have to install 150+ updates again?

    • Hi nathan, unfortunately there is no way you can backup windows updates. The Windows 7 SP1 ISO’s provided here come loaded with the most important updates.

  • Bo

    Hello Lovejeet,
    Thank you for posting and providing the info. I downloaded what I thought was my appropriate version and after installation, I get stuck in a bootload error loop. Some of the errors say there are registry errors. Some are saying there are missing startup components. I’m using the Windows 64 bit home premium in English and trying to install this on a Samsung N150 plus notebook that had a Windows 7 Starter DOS but has since crashed.
    Any suggestions?

    • Hi Boca, i wont recommend you installing a 64 bit OS on your notebook. I checked out the specs and it seems that the 1GB of Ram on your notebook might hamper its performance. With my experience, i can point out the problem to be related with your hard disk. You should head over to the Microsoft forums and find out if anyone else has the same problem as yours.

      • Bo

        Thank you lovejeet,
        I’ll try the 32bit version and post back if successful.

  • John

    computer noob here. so, after i download the version i had on my HP laptop, then putting it on a bootable usb flash drive, i should be able to install it on my mac using bootcamp? new to mac and was surprised to find there is no place to install a cd on this thing.

    • archlinuxguy

      You must be using MacBook Air, right? Well on MBAs you can only install Windows using a bootable USB drive. If you already created one, go to spotlight search and type “Boot Camp Assistant”, and you can select both “Download the latest Windows support software from Apple” and “Install Windows 7 or later version”. You can then partition your drive and insert your USB drive, and you’re good to go.

      • john

        its an iMac, just picked it up from best buy today. i think macbook air is a laptop, this is a desktop

        • John

          so I just need the USB drive? or a USB drive with a windows ISO on it?

          • Nim

            You can’t install windows on a mac..

          • Guest

            @Nim Yes you can…

  • Matt

    I have a laptop that came with windows 7 32bit preinstalled and a key provided but no install disc and want to upgrade to 64bit. I suspect the key provided is an OEM key. Will I still be able to activate the 64bit windows 7 using this key?

    • Yes, you can use the 32 bit windows 7 key provided with your laptop to activate a 64 bit version of windows 7, however the windows 7 version should be the same.

      • Matt

        Is there any particular way I have to burn the file onto a disc or straight burn the ISO file and boot from that?

        • You should straightaway burn the ISO file to a DVD disk. If you are on windows 7 you should check this guide for burning ISO images in windows 7 :

          • Matt

            So I’ve followed the instructions and just after the windows is loading files bit at the starting windows screen, before the logo appears my computer freezes. Any idea what might be causing that?

  • onesh

    hey i just have to install win 7 64 bit right? i took the ultimate one

  • concernedcitizen

    I’ve just downloaded the file, but I’m not sure how to launch it: What programs do I need to open the files and launch it?

  • uiem

    fuck fuck fuck all windows are here but home basic not

    • Alexander Smith

      I downloaded the Windows 7 Pro English 32bit. Using the “RT Seven Lite” windows customization program and selecting the Win 7 Pro download from here as my windows installation disk media, after browsing to the media that I downloaded with this program, it asked me which Windows 7 installation did I want to customize? Windows 7 starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Pro, Ultimate. So it looks like all of these downloads have all versions. You just might need to load it into the “RT Seven Lite 2.6.0” program, select task, by pass the customization options (deselect any that are selected). Then just select ISO bootable at the bottom of the menu and burn the selected version to a DVD disk or pick a connected pen drive to copy Win 7 and make it bootable from the pen drive. The RT7lite project is no longer supported but you can download the program here at the archived site:

      Be sure to download version 2.6.0 for 32 bit or 64 bit depending on the which Windows 7 installation disk you want to create.

    • guest

      yes it is it is the pro en-us x64 link

  • chikamuge

    how can i check the integrity of the file i downloaded, any sha or md5 ?

  • hassan

    is it have to show the laptop brand name in my computer properties?

  • How_delightful

    I downloaded and installed the ISO after (ahem) a Motherboard replacement (upgrade Mo-bo/Chip system); but I want to register my Microsoft codes from my previous motherboard PC and then install my Ultimate Upgrade code later. But neither code lets me register. I had had to buy Ultimate Upgrade to get Windows in English [as the Japanese Windows 7 PC did not have an English language option]).
    Two problems?
    My PC was Japanese with a pre-installed Japanese language version of Windows 7 Home Premium and the ISO is in English; so that may be causing the conflict?
    When I go to Register at Microsoft it tells me I cannot do that and later gives me a number to call. But they could not register my genuine codes either (because they were used on my [ahem] previous motherboard), and they said they would put me through to some technical support and the phone went dead at their end.
    Can I register my Codes on my new motherboard or not?
    OR do I need to re-install the original language version for it to work?
    Any pointer appreciated.

    • You should be able to use your serial key to activate windows as long as you are using it on a single PC at a time. Since i am not well aware of this problem, A better place to find a solution to your problem would be the Microsoft forums.

      You might find a thread with a similar problem like yours or most probably the moderators might address your problem. here’s the link to the Microsoft forums:

      • How_delightful

        Many thanks for that pointer.

      • Roallin

        This is incorrect. An OEM windows license is tied to the original hardware it was sold with. The license cannot be transferred to another computer. Once activated on a specific computer, the license is tied to that computer. Microsoft considers the motherboard as the computer. If the motherboard dies and needs to be replaced, the activation service will see it is a new computer (unless replaced with an exact match). But if you call the phone activation and explain to them your motherboard died and was replaced, they will usually activate (my past experiences). If the key being used is a Retail key, then yes, the license can be transferred to a different machine, provided it is only activated on one machine at a time. But given the previous comments about laptops and Acer computer, I would guess this in reference to an OEM install.

  • kaan

    dumb question: is this legal

    • Yes it is legal 🙂

      • kaan

        so i don’t have to pay 80$ great thanks!

        • These are legal windows 7 ISO’s which come with a 30 days trial period and after that you will need to activate them with a genuine windows 7 key.

          • Mahdi Alawami

            I have Windows Vista on my laptop and I’m downloading 32-bit Ultimate. How do I get the genuine key and how much does it cost?

          • jayms

            can i get windows 7 genuine key for free

  • Duncan

    I just want a Windows 7 home basic ISO to install on a laptop that has a product key. Why is it so hard to find one!? Can anyone help?

    • Hi Duncan, you wont find an official download source for the Windows 7 home basic ISO since the Home basic version is only available to computer manufacturers.

    • guest

      the link for win7x64pro is a home basic iso file download link

  • youjin

    thanks ^^ my mom asked me to install a windows7 on her computer,, but i coudn’t get windows 7 file..
    have a good day

  • sukhgot singh

    What windows will be better for my laptop wifi acer

    • Hi Sukhgot, Does your laptop comes with a product key for windows 7?

      • Santhosh Kumar

        I already have windows 7 enterprise but i wrongly removed mbr(master boot record) to kali linux now i cant open any windows as it says no operating system …can i use any other windows 7 home cd to restore my window and its partioning data…pls help me

  • Vinicius da Costa Pires

    Thanks a lot!

  • Renato Bosa

    Is each product key linked to one language?
    Or can I reinstall my windows with other language, using the same license I have purshased?

    • yes you can use your windows 7 key to activate the same version of windows 7 with another language.

  • mike

    where is the windows 7 64 or 32 bit in chinese simplified or chinese traditional version??
    I downloaded the chinese version up site but there is only chinese taiwan language to choose.

  • cowykillr

    I purchased Windows Professional 7 64 bit awhile ago as an upgrade. i just did a fresh install with the CD i ordered with it, but it says that my key is only good for upgrading not fresh installs. Any insight?

  • nchethan

    dear lovejeet,
    can you tell me if there is any official link to buy the product key online in india. microsoft store in india shows only windows 8.
    I used the above links to download and try win7 on my netbook. Its been great on my netbook. i want to purchase it right now i’ve 15 days left for trial version o end. Can you let me know from where i can buy a key?
    mail id:

    • Hi ncheatan, Flipkart is selling windows 7, however they are physical copies.

  • Mohd Abdul Majid


  • Alíábbàs Rùpâñì

    is win ultimate already activated or we have to enter key??

    • All the above copies of windows 7 come with a 30 days trial period, after that you will need a genuine serial key to activate them.

  • James LaBarre

    This is only half of the solution. I still need to find a legal/legitimate source for Win7 ***KEYS***. I’m trying to upgrade a homebuilt system from XP, as well as a couple Virtualbox VMs. Of course, I could just as easily tell my brother (who has the homebuilt system) that he’s going to have to move to Linux, since MS doesn’t want to sell a MSWin version that will run on his hardware (no NX bit in the CPU). I’d have no problem removing MSWin from another system.

  • Ohh Aman

    Can I Upgrade My system 32-bit to 64-bit ?

    • Hi Aman, you cant upgrade directly from a 32 bit windows version to a 64 bit version of windows. You will need to perform a clean installation of windows.

      • Ohh Aman

        Thanks 😀

  • srikar

    i had windows 7 home basic i installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bit but i lost my network and dvd rom drivers and when i downloaded the drivers from another source they weren’t getting installed….

  • Nestor

    i get to the point where it says install windows, but then it says that the drivers are not in the file that i downloaded.

  • Adam

    Thank you for the links.
    I find it VERY disappointing that these links are not in a Microsoft or Windows domain but that’s Microsoft for you.

  • alice

    Thank you so much, but it stopped downloading when it’s reach 2.11GB(total 3.16GB).. do you know why?

    • I think the problem is on your end, try using a download manager to download the ISO files, this way you can pause and resume them anytime.

      • Espen Kristoffersen

        I have the same problem. The download seem to get interrupted randomly. Several friends of mine with different kind of connections and equipment are also experiencing the same.
        It never interrupts at the same place twice.

        After getting interruptet the download manager is unable to resume the download. As if the download was fully finished, but it isn´t…

        • fail

          Ditto experiencing the same issue on multiple servers.

  • mike

    Ive used Win 7 USB tool, Rufus and unetbootin to try and make a bootable USB with these. Everytime it fails on extraction. Ive tried with all links

    • Espen Kristoffersen

      Are you sure the files are fully downloaded? I advice you to check your file size and then the original file size.

  • joseph

    Where can i get Windows 7 Home Basic x86 original iso?
    I have the original serial key but I dont have the original instalation dvd,
    I tried one that I got from the torrent but it wont activate.
    Can you help me?

  • Imam Bakshi

    It is bootable Disk??

  • Bruce

    Is the non SP1 versions available to download as well?

  • Guy Fawkes

    Would you help me? I Have Home basic 64 bit OEM License.
    I Need Offical Windows 7 Home basic 64 bit iso file please help!

  • Shirley

    Why my windows 7 can not work and where should i get the product key ? Please help, thank you ! ! !

  • fredi dennis

    can this os be used to replace the windows xp?

    • Michael

      yes of course 🙂

      • fredi dennis

        how do i install it, using boot up or in my normal windows

        • Just burn the ISO file to a DVD media and boot it up.

          • Adias

            USB boot is not working? On windows xp

  • Jimbo

    These do not work. Downloads about 500 meg then stops. Any idea why.

    • GUEST

      u might have less then 500 mb of storage left you can swicha drive(C:toD:)

  • Josenil Pereira

    qual desses ta em português ?
    eu quero de 64 bit

  • |V3nom|

    i was surprised when the download worked! always a little cautious when downloading things from sites i dont normally use. good to know this ones legit. 🙂

    i didnt have any problems with anything either. it downloaded just fine and worked great with the windows usb tool. got an old laptop running win7 32bit from xp which was a HUGE improvement! like no comparison. thanks techverse. 🙂

  • fredi dennis

    it keeps on asking for an activation key, where can i get it?

    • Hi fredi, you will have to purchase a genuine windows 7 key in order to activate your windows 7 installation.

  • sahil khan

    hey can you upload windows enterprise 64 bit iso.. please i need it

  • venkatesh

    can i download windows server 2012 iso file

  • venkatesh

    if yes, how ? pl help me

  • rob

    The downloads never complete.

    • rob

      google download manager

  • rob

    yep the connection stops at 99.93% and refuses to connect with a download manager and a working internet. I’m guessing this is malware.

  • Nish

    Thanks for providing these links. Although, I am using Free Download Manager the download stops as 99%!!!! Any clue how to get over this issue?

  • raju

    it dosent work man it stop after 72 mb .have you any other altrnative

    • guest

      you might have a drive that is low on storage try swiching a drive to download to

  • Misa

    Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate x64 English is not working, there’s something wrong with the iso

    • gayman12346666

      haha loser

      • LoserForLoser

        this just made my day..

  • Faris Nafi

    somethings wrong with the link, when i try to download Win7 Home Premium it say ”

    The Page or File You Requested Could Not Be Provided”

    the file must been broken or deleted, please fix the link

    • Hi Farhis, It seems Microsoft has taken down the page for maintenance purposes. Please wait for some time and retry.

      • John Johnaby

        How did you come to the conclusion that they are down for maintenance? Maybe they removed them for good? I really need a download right now.

        • This has already happened before and usually the links are up within a day or two.

          • eee

            hope you are right 🙂

  • This is probably a long shot, but does anyone have a mirror for these ISOs while the Microsoft links are down? Was really hoping to set up Bootcamp today.

    • sdfsdf


    • Rajesh Kootrapalli

      +1 for a mirror..

    • Ethan O’Hara

      go to isohunt

  • Hakouna Matata Madafaka

    Links still broken. What does Microsoft have in mind? They prefer the ‘piratebay-like’ sharing? with keygen, viruses, trojans, …..?
    I’m about to give up, checking these links every hour since two days…

  • Shirley

    Hey ,where can i get the activation key ? Searching ^ ^ windows keys online ^ ^ from google is Okay ?

    • Hi Shirley, you will need to buy one.

  • Harman

    are the links working ???

    • No, they are still not online.

  • KD

    A short question: i’m trying to install Windows 7 on my iMac via Bootcamp which is why i need the ISO image, but would i need the SP1 image or would the non-SP1 image work just as well? Thanks

    • Hi KD, the non-SP1 image should work fine.

  • ravien

    the link is broken

  • Rayvier

    I downloaded the RTM to try to fix Win 7 HP (32-bit) on a friend’s laptop. I managed to get it to boot but when I click on Repair My Computer it just stops. Anyone have any ideas? Is this because it’s not SP1? I’m at a dead end. I used to never have issues with these.

  • bdeyes


    Just had to post response to complaints below.
    2% Rule applies (Got to be 2% smarter than whatever you’re working on).

    Had no problem with your RTM link download and install.

    Link works fine. Download is legit. Have installed WIN7 Ultimate 64-Bit fine with my license key.

    Also thank you for the update/explanation about MS download site.

    Went there from WIN7 Forums link and could not figure out why I could not get their download link to work.

  • lias

    The Page or File You Requested Could Not Be Provided
    The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

    HTTP Error 404 – File or directory not found.progress site maintenance right?

  • gilligan

    Still down 4 days later. Is it possible these links are gone for good? What terrible timing for maintenance down time with XP support being discontinued very soon.

  • acharles

    It would be helpful to post hashes for these iso files so that those who try alternate download means can check if their download is legitimate.

  • patrick

    ican’t download the SP1 iso Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit ?

  • Mr. Slenderman

    Nows alll ISOs are online 😉

    • jerwan Lewis


  • kailesh

    hi there .. i bought a used laptop which has windows 7 home basic 64 bit … i want to format it … but unfortunately i did not get the original disc that comes along with the package … any chances of finding the windows home basic 64 bit iso from anywhere?

    • Ankit

      Now a days u generally don’t get any original disc. There is a hidden partition inside your drive that stores the original windows its key and all the necessary drivers. Just go to system restore option of your BIOS and format it to the factory settings.

  • davo

    I have a oem version of windows 7 home premium 32bit, would I be able to download and use the 64bit version using my product key?
    I also have a laptop with windows 7 but it didn’t come with a disk, would I be able to download a copy from here to do a fresh install using the key that is written on the laptop?

    • Yes, you will be able to activate a 64bit copy of windows 7 premium using the product key from a 32bit version of windows 7 premium.

      As for the laptop, download and install the same version of windows 7 that came with your laptop and use the product key provided with your laptop to activate it.

  • bandersaadotaibi

    thanks a lot man .

  • chandler

    The digital river RTM links are down now too….

  • Dani

    does it have to burned to a disc?

    • You can either burn the downloaded windows 7 ISO to a DVD or create a bootable USB Flash Drive using it. Check the links provided in the article for instructions to create a bootable USB Flash Drive.

  • Candy

    thanks pal! great speed and worked perfectly!! gorgeous!

  • Bob

    Hi all! Are those ISO image Win7: Retail box, OEM or Upgrade?

    • These are retail versions of Windows 7.

      • Abhi

        My laptop came with windows CD but now it is broken
        But I have COA sticker under my laptop which have product key.
        It means I had OEM version of windows.
        Now if I download this retail version iso from this site, will it work with my product key
        Will my windows activate successfully and become Geniune ?
        If not where can I find OEM version of windows.
        Please reply

        • Paul

          The only one available is through a torrent file from the link above and will work with a OEM key? you install first then enter after the installation has finished, If you require the English version of Windows 7 .ISO I have one in my cloud account, please send email to: : I will pass on the links as I can not post them on here.

  • royce yong

    hey man windows 7 key 🙁

    • You will need to buy a windows 7 key and use that to activate your installation of windows 7.

      • Theara

        how can I activate my windows 7 without the key?

        • Wes

          Legally, you cannot.

        • guest

          Not with no product key but you can search the web for free product keys(for the same version)

        • sub_zero

          your basically pirating

  • thank you.

  • is this download link are with service pack 1?

    why the size is nearly same with iso without service pack 1?

  • GwenKillerby

    How do I get my key out of my present Windows7 install ???

    • novicetek

      Run Belarc advisor

    • JeffBB

      Download a little utility called “Produkey.” It will show you all MS product keys.

  • GwenKillerby

    ” Using pirated copies of windows 7 on your computer will compromise your private data to hackers and other cyber criminals”
    As opposed to Microsoft which doesn’t do any spying??? Keep dreaming.
    Any upgrade on any piece of software is designed to
    a] spy better on the end user,
    b] protect themselves from copying their stuff
    c] make stuff harder for the user in general. i.e. to “get away with stuff”.
    I don’t really begrudge them that, cos presumably they earn it, but …..
    jussayin … let’s not be naive about it. I see enough, too much gullibility in church as it is no need for more.

    • Sach

      But with Micro$oft it’s legal as the government wants them to.
      And the Government won’t empty your account like hackers would. That is until the $ collapses.

  • CL

    Thanks dude, my refurb desktop only came with the 32-bit disk. It worked flawlessly, and the simple app you recommended to create a bootable USB with the iso is so easy to use, you made my life easy. Appreciate that, and please ignore all the idiotic bashers and cheapo who are clueless and gullible.

    • Thank you for your appreciation mate 🙂

  • Thanks man, however my internet speed is 600kbs! xD

    • Blaargh

      You’re so lucky… I only get 120kb/s 🙁

  • Apple

    are these iso with latest windows 7 update ?

    • sub_zero

      probably no, they are just for installation, use as it is

      the rest is up to you

  • Lonewolf

    hey, just wondering, I have my activation key on the bottom of my laptop and I would like to reinstall windows 7 ultimate 64 bit using the link above and I was gonna use my activation key at the bottom of my laptop, would that work?

    • Yes, you can use the windows 7 key provided on the bottom of your laptop to activate a same version of the OS downloaded from the links above.

      • Lonewolf

        Thanks man, I appreciate your work. Keep up the good work, I will always visit your blog for updates.

  • Lonewolf

    hey lovejeet, can I ask u a question? I am having this kind of problem that is, what happens if your os(windows) gets corrupted. And when i asked for help they say you can’t change or reinstall windows on that kind of PC because it has something to do with your os. Any idea? Thanks.

    • Hi Lonewolf, you can re install windows 7 on your computer without any problem. However, you should take a backup of your important data before that.

      • Edvin

        can i always reinstall windows? so it doesn’t matter how much i screw up my system i can always reinstall windows?

        • sub_zero

          basically yes, as long you have the right same OS version and its key

          you can install on that very PC hundreds of time

          like lovejeet saying, backup first before reinstalling

  • dramillz

    dont noe if ur still answering question but i got one i need to convert my hard drive from mbr to gpt and it will not let me do it .. buy the way im trying to install windows 7 64 bit

    • Imam Bakshi

      First of all you go to Bios sating. your problem is there. This type issues is only for HP Note books. by the way Window 7 ultimate working perfectly i already downloaded and using this same OS 64 bit. I am also faced this type problem in my HP 15 Series notebook but i solved from Bios Sating
      you can try in Bios sating only.

  • Jojo

    8 Pro 64 downgrade to 7 Pro 64 TURK ……..7 pro truk means what

  • Mohammed Ihlas

    Hello Lovejeet,Sir,Will the Windows 7 Setup ask me for a Product key when Installing?Please reply me soon sir,Awaiting your answer!!!!

    • Hi Mohammed, if you install windows 7 by booting it from a DVD or USB flash drive, you wont be prompted to enter the product key.

      • Mohammed Ihlas

        Oh Thank you for the reply sir!!!I was waiting for your reply for a long time!!Thank you for replying sir,Thank you very much 🙂

  • Alexandre MCS

    thank’s a lot.

    • Mohammed Ihlas

      Hey does the setup ask you a product key when installing?

      • Alexandre MCS

        I am not installed yet.

        • Mohammed Ihlas

          It’s ok friend, I got the answer for it from Lovejeet!!!!!

      • guest


  • dashiexp

    tjis iso is work thank a lot man

  • Kapitein Spectaculair

    Very handy if you just have workstations without the vanilla Windows CD.

  • NetAdmin

    Was unable to activate an OEM license key for Home Premium x64 on a new dell workstation using the product key on the sticker, and the ISO provided by digital river. By the looks of it, this has been the case for most people. I have personally tried this ISO for two completely different machines, both they wouldn’t activate with their OEM license because it is apparently a VL install. I can’t speak for the other ISO’s.

    • sach

      Meant to reply here
      I support Dell PCs in my job.
      DELL has an OEM disc which is usually BIOS locked. The Keys are different as you cannot usually use a Dell Windows key on a non-Dell disc, if you do it either will say it’s an invalid key or if it does work will later say (could be a few months later) “you may have a pirate copy of windows”, and then shut down soon after..
      Some Dell Windows discs install onto a Dell PC and never ask for the key, this is because it detects the BIOS and knows it’s on a Dell.
      Hope this helps.
      You can find the Dell discs on Ebay cheap if you need them, I have loads of them but you are not supposed to resell them so I don’t.

    • sub_zero

      like i said before

      Licensing is pretty complex

      says you bought branded PC’s (dell, lenovo etc) the Windows they provided is ONE OFF license which means that Key will only work on that very PC and it will lock it’s hardware no matter what.

      you can reinstall same OS it’s pre-installed, provided the manufacturer gave you those recovery disc, if not your basically stuck.

      and those windows you can install on any PC, provided that the previous no longer running are RETAIL version, not OEM

      and that’s why it’s expensive

  • Drew

    I downloaded the file for Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, but it will not work when I use it in the windows usb/dvd download tool. Any suggestions or tips?

    • Try creating a bootable Windows 7 USB drive using Rufus.

  • femi

    i need webcam driver for hp 8440p , 64 bit win 7

  • femi

    all the drivers i av are not workin, writing errors

    • sub_zero

      google your goddamn PC’s driver

  • ashraf

    is al the iso is valid?

    • sub_zero


  • 티파니

    thanks a lot >__<//

  • Stacey

    What is the cost of windows after the thirty day free trial?

    • sub_zero

      depends on your location

      LoveJeet already provide the link above

  • Luis Claudio Alves Dos Santos

    Um abraço do BRAZIL !!!!

  • Sach

    I support Dell PCs in my job.
    DELL has an OEM disc which is usually BIOS locked. The Keys are different as you cannot usually use a Dell Windows key on a non-Dell disc, if you do it either will say it’s an invalid key or if it does work will later say (could be a few months later) “you may have a pirate copy of windows”, and then shut down soon after..
    Some Dell Windows discs install onto a Dell PC and never ask for the key, this is because it detects the BIOS and knows it’s on a Dell.
    Hope this helps.
    I have many Dell and HP/Compaq some Fujitsu and other OEM Windows Discs NT4, 2000, XP, Vista & 7 in 32 and 64 bit. If you want to host these as well I could make ISOs for you.

    • Thanks for your offer Sach. But as microsoft has advised to download windows 7 ISO’s from digital river, most windows users wont download the ISO files from anywhere except the Digitalriver’s severs.

  • Frank

    Can I get a code microsoft code to use for all time

    • sub_zero

      what code, secret code? illuminati code? freemason code?

  • Waseem Mohammad

    iam using ubuntu want to install windows7 ultimate do u have any idea

    • You can burn the windows 7 ISO to a DVD or create a bootable USB flash drive, after that boot from them and you can proceed with the installation.

  • strahinja

    when i put in bios cd/dvd rw……….after that installation need to start but only start to fix this?when i start setup i can’t format,delete….. partitions

    • You will have to set your CD / DVD Rw to first boot priority in the Bios.

  • The Lost1

    OK…I have tried 5 different times using the link downloads above as well as other files from other suggestion sites and I have tried winrar and rufus and the windows 7 usb/dvd download tool. Each and every attempt have one of two results…

    1. I get an error message saying “this is not a valid iso file.

    2. it goes to the “Setup is Starting” and the mouse pointer changes to the blue spinning ring and then seems to go no further. I get it to this point in the morning and at bedtime i just cover the screen in hopes that it will finally actually run the setup and when i wake up i look at it and it hasn’t changed.

    What am I missing here???

    • It seems your USB flash drive has a problem, try burning the windows 7 ISO file to a DVD and let me know if it works.

  • rick

    My laptop is 3 years old and
    windows crashed and goes to a screen that says a recent hardware or software change might be the cause.
    to insert windows installation disc and restart computer. It never came with install disc.
    Are these the links I would need to download and burn to disk to make a disc to fix the problem? the key code sticker on bottom of my laptop says home premium.
    been googling this problem for like a week and even on the Microsoft website found no help

    • Yes, you can download the Windows 7 Home Premium ISO from the links provided above and use it to install windows 7 on your laptop. The key code provided on the bottom of your laptop can be used to activate your windows 7 home premium installation.

  • jord

    I made a bootable USB and followed all the steps, but when the pc is collecting the information I get a message that a driver is missing. So I’m stuck now. Can someone help me out?

    • sub_zero

      stuck cause your too stupid not collecting your own computer driver information

      if yours is laptop, google for the driver
      if desktop, google for each part driver

  • When I start my PC, it shows DQS training failed on previous boot, reverted to slower DRAM speed.Press F1.

    And After F1, Press F2 to load defualt values and continue.
    I discussed in many communities, all of them given wrong solutions.
    please give me correct solution. I have last faith on you.

    • sub_zero

      another epitome of stupidity

      windows is Operating System, neither BIOS or UEFI have anything to do with it

      it seems likely more of hardware failure, and seriously, DRAM? are you trying to install windows 7/8 on that OLD COMPUTER HAVE YOU GONE MAD?

  • strahinja

    Thanks for your answer but that not work.I use Microsoft sc/dvs download tool to make bootable cd,then I go to bios.i now have windows 8.1 pro.That’s is best windows 20 sec.startup,25 sec shutdown.

  • Ram

    hi..originally mine was a windows 7 home premium 32 bit lenovo laptop…through my friends dvd i upgraded to windows 8..and then to 8.1 pro preview version(not through official microsoft version) my laptop is not booting and when i am about to reset it asks for windows installation or recovery media…i tried my bootable dvd of win 7 32 bit..but its showing invalid…i have the product key of win 7..but not that of win 8.1…can anyone help me please

    • s

      give a clear concise explanation

      nobody can help you if your english and grammar all over the place

      from what i can barely able to read

      you upgrade using pirate (or not) windows 8

      now you mess up the OS and ask for a recovery disc

      and you still want that windows 8 disc

      You just need to freshly install windows 7 back

      if you want windows 8 you need to purchase a key

      don’t forget to back up before doing fresh install

  • EGM

    Worked like a champ. Saved me the time of having to call HP. Thanks!!!

  • Jekz

    Sir what is the product key?> thank you for all of your efforts!

    • Phil

      These downloads are only for people already owning a license, if you do so and it’s on a laptop the product / serial key usually will be on a sticker at the bottom of your laptop 😉

  • chirag

    to install windows7 32bit do we need product key

    • 88musicrox

      yes you do this is just the dvd image that you buy with the product keys

      • julius

        send me yo email..will help yu

  • Windows 7 64-bit Professional x64 Portuguese BR, please?

  • Ev

    Need to create a ISO of win 7 enterprise? any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Kalana Praneeth Muthukumarana

    Thanks Bro….
    Keep It Up

  • Jesse

    I have a Dell E6410 32-bit Win 7 Pro that is 64-Bit compatible. Can I download the “Windows 7 64-bit Professional x64 English” and use the key that came with the laptop? Will this work for me. Thanks – Jesse

    • Hi Jesse, you can definitely download the “Windows 7 64-bit Professional x64 English” ISO and use the CD key provided with your laptop to activate Windows 7.

  • can anyone provide me the md5’s or sha1sum’s of these images….

  • Charl

    Hi – where can we download a full ISO of Win8.1 ?

    • Paul

      I Windows 8.1 32 and 64, but they are retail versions (I think) send email to> < if you would like to download from me :-), I will give you the links.

  • I did google believe me but I just can’t find info.

    Have an old Vaio [been given one actually] with Win 7 Home Basic 64 bit. Have the sticker at the back but no discs. Can’t seem to find this version online to download.

    Need to format and reload. Any tips/link?

  • I see nowhere to buy a windows 7 key. I have looked on the microsoft site, its not there. Anyone can help with this?

  • michaelloong

    Hi, I just got a new HDD, can I burn the iso into DVD and boot it using disc?

    • Yes you can burn it to a DVD and use it install Windows 7.

  • jchap1590

    your link for Windows 7 Ultimate x64 English (X17-59465) is incorrect.. my genuine product key says it does not match the currently installed SKU when I enter it

    X17-24395 is the regular ISO version for Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) SP1 English

    • I have added the links for the Windows 7 SPI media refresh version as it is the latest one. Since you’re facing issues, i will also add a link for the normal version too.

  • Rain

    This Windows 7 Professional x64 Portuguese, is Portuguese BR or Portuguese PT ?

  • Raju Ahmed

    I need “”windows 7 ultimate 32 bit ISO”” NON-EDITED version. whn I download any windows, all are edited version. I hate it. Please advice me and help me to get non-edited version.I have to create Bootable pendrive for set up my Lenovo notebook.

  • Hans

    Hi .Do you have a link to Win 7 Enterprise ?

  • Sameep

    I’m not able to download with the links provided. I had almost completed the download 99% and some error occurred in IDM, and it restarted. And it did not restart from the beginning but from 24%. Cant find the reason. I’m trying again now.
    Does Microsoft provide any software to convert a folder into bootable image? All the softwares available are paid ones.

  • Richard E

    I have a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate on a crashed hard drive and there is a .doc on the desk top that has the product key code. The crashed hard drive will load when connected externally via USB card for sata drives. How do I get this information and can I extract and use this version from my Toshiba crashed HDD and use it on an Acer Aspire One D250-1042?

    • Paul

      Access the drive connected to another computer.

      The path will be something like……..

      *:\Users\*****\Desktop (win xp OS)

      replace * with your crashed hard drive letter, ***** replace with your username.

      Same the file to your computer\USB stick.

  • christian

    after i download from the link what do i do from there

    • Paul

      in win7/vista right click on the file to burn to dvd, in win xp use imgburn

  • 9949532020

    Thanks friend

  • Michael

    Hey LoveJeet, why i cant download the iso file ? It stops downloading at 10.7 mb. And with Free Download Manager stops at 99%. How can i download now this iso ?

    • Paul

      Try running firefox or google chrome

  • Greg Mc Laughlin

    i am looking to change my win 7 ultimate from 32 to 64 bit…can you send me a link please

  • hey i ve downloaded win 7 home preminum but while copying windows file at starting it says you have unplugger ur usb drive or cd/dvd and when used to boot from pendrive it asks for cd location for driver to be installed

  • William Mauricio

    Ok. Muchas gracias. He procedido a descargar el Windows 7 Home Premiun x 64 English y funciona perfecto…. Trabajando en mi laptop…..Muchas gracias por estos enlaces. Saludos desde la Ciudad de Loja en Ecuador…………..

  • kuli

    So much thanksssss to u… 😀

  • can i make booble usb with these iso?

    • Paul

      Yes you can.

  • Can I update a Windows 7 Professional 32 bits version with this ISO? (I mean, that this iso is of WIndows 7 SP1 and my installation is does not.

    The problem is that the current installation has got many windows errors, for example, I can’t update to SP-1 using Windows 7, I am obtaining blue screen error, and so on.

    Thank you.

    • Paul

      Yes, but that will mean a full clean installation of Windows 7 SP1, any files, programs etc you have created\loaded will be lost, you will need to backup all of your personal data first.

      • templaries

        But I want to upgrade. I don’t want a clean instalation, I need to preserver the files. What can I do to do an upgrade from my Windows 7 32 Professional installation?

        • Paul

          If you are receiving a blue screen I would do a clean installation, I am not sure if it would work doing an upgrade option as I have never tried this, sorry.

  • templaries

    Sorry, I mea that if I can use the “Upgrade” option (to preserver the files and programs).

    (Please, delete the website I can’t put that on the textbox.

  • Annalisa

    Hi! I’m from Italy and I’m downloading windows7 x64. I have a problem. I already have W7 x86, can I just “upgrade” it to x64? Thank you in advance 🙂

    • There is no way to upgrade from a 32-bit copy of Windows to 64-bit, or vice versa. You must backup your data, create bootable media, and do a clean install. After you’re done, you’ll need to reinstall your programs and restore your data.

      • Annalisa

        I knew it… I was hoping there was another way! Thank you anyways, you’re very kind!

  • Darren

    Where can i get a key

  • Anna

    Hello, Would these work on my MacBook Pro?

  • DJ Diamond S

    Saved me a lot of time Many thanks for your help and keep up the good work!

  • Rahul

    is it bootable in my macbook pro in bootcamp

  • Brian

    Have all these iso been updated with updates?

  • I just wanted to say thank-you so much for providing these .iso’s. I had recently upgraded from Windows 7 Home to Professional and in the process made the existing resource disc non-functional. It would say “you are using a different version of Windows”. I had a system crash that resulted in Windows breaking a bit and it happened fairly late in the evening so I couldn’t really do much if the solution involved purchasing something locally. Luckily I found the files you have so selflessly put up and maintained or I would be really screwed!

  • darkherox99

    I need a product key for windows 64 bit

  • Amith

    Hi Jeet,
    I have bought a laptop which has genuine Windows 7 Home Basic OA(32-bit)installed,but after some months i have upgraded it to Windows 7 Ultimate(32-bit).
    But i have lost the product key of the Ultimate edition,but still has the product key of the home basic edition.
    Please tell me how can i find it.
    Also,i am planning to upgrade to a 64-bit windows 7 edition,
    which iso should i download.
    Please reply.

  • windows 7 38 and 64 arab plz

    • Paul

      If you are going to use Windows 7 Ultimate you can install Arabic as a language pack.

  • srdj

    hello, this was an interesting and very useful article. So, i have one a tiny bit different question. I am running windows 8.1 with the original genuine windows key. So i want to go back to windows 7 64bit, and the question is am i gonna be able to use my current windows 8 product key to register windows 7 that i download from a link provided.

    • sub_zero

      no you cannot. each license key is unique to each windows version and it’s own variant

      it will never work if using windows 7 home premium on windows 7/8 ultimate

      same also windows 8 basic on windows 7/8 ultimate

      this is very very very common sense

  • hut

    wonderful article. thanks

  • hot slut

    This is truly useful info. It was a lucky strike to find it.

  • xanders

    i need windows xp .iso please help

  • vpmk12

    If my pc is home premium, can I use the same product key behind my pc to activate it since it’s on the same pc? Or will the code be invalid?

    • Paul

      You can use the product key on the label to activate, but has to be the same version, a Win 7 HP key will not activate other versions IE. Professional, install first without key, then enter after install has finished.

  • Frederik

    Thanks a lot. Yesterday, I installed this SP1 and Works well, but the system ask me for a key code. I used the previous but was not accepted. Do you have a valid key code for this versión? Please send it to me.

  • Frederik

    I installed •Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate x86 English.

    • Paul

      Did you install the version from above which your product key label is for?

      • Frederik

        I installed the versión Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate x86 English from above and tried to use my own previous product key.

  • Shubham Agrawal

    I have windows 7 64 bit (english) home basic so can u just give the link to download it. thank you

    • Paul

      I don’t think that is available, basically download the .ISO you require (32bit as home basic is not avail in 64) then google ‘ei.cfg removal utility’ this will create a universal disc.

      • Paul

        ooops my mistake I was thinking of ‘Starter’

  • Tucker

    So Im trying to use the windows 7 dvd/ cd tool to open the iso but the iso does not appear on the app?
    Do I just plug the cd into my other computer that needs to be booted and it should work on that?

    • You can use Rufus instead. Download it from here:

      • asif

        Hi Lovejeet. I have downloaded the zipped file from the download link provided and when I unzip it there are many files and folders but I don’t see the iso file, when I use rufus what file do I need to point it to for the bootable usb. thanks for all the info you are giving.

        • Paul

          The above files are NOT zip files, they are .ISO, if you have winrar installed or similar zip software this picks up the .ISO and changes the icon, simply right click to burn in Vista/Win 7 or use imgburn or similar to burn to DVD disc.

  • Bogdan

    For Lovejeet:

    I need to make a clean install on my Dell XPS 15Z and I wonder whether the product key on the backside of my laptop can be used in order to activate the Windows 7 Home Premium edition I just downloaded from the links you provide.
    Thank you very much for support, B.

    • Yes you can use the product key provided on the backside of your laptop to activate your Windows 7 installation.

    • Paul

      Or you can use ABR or Advanced Tokens Manager to create a backup of the original activation if you still can load windows, simply start the program, click backup reinstall windows and then click restore, windows will be activated! (better to run this from a USB memory stick)

  • Thank you so much!

  • ali

    is these links contain the last version of these windows?

  • ну я попробую Windows 7 64-бит Ultimate x64 отпишу заранее спасибо

    • sub_zero

      errrrrrr this is Anglo-based IT Blog, not everyone here understand cyrilic

  • bright

    My ASUS R510LA is preloaded with Win 8, but I hate win8 so much I want win7 x64. But does the CD-key for win8 work for win7?

    • Paul

      No it won’t work, you require a product key for Windows 7.

    • sub_zero

      no it won’t. use common sense please.

  • Bright

    Just want to ask. Somehow after downloading the file, they don’t let me install the window. Error code: 0x0. Something like that. Thanks in advance.

  • MK

    does these come with activation keys?

    • Paul

      No, but you can use it for 30 days, this can be extended to 120 days, see a previous post from me.

    • sub_zero

      this is legit and genuine source from microsoft and not pirated product

      pirate are not welcome, or face the rope of despair!!!

  • is there a way for me to purchase a product key for win7 from microsoft site? I can’t seem to find, only win8.

    • sub_zero

      now were talking.

      by now, Microsoft no longer selling windows 7 directly (retail) and pushing up all vendors using windows 8.

      so it actually depends, in certain country (like mine) 3rd party are selling OEM license windows 7 for a real steal (really really cheap) however they are one off ( which mean cannot 1 license only 1 PC, cannot be reused) license and usually will stick to current hardware your using. and this usually fall to grey area as Microsoft deem not worth the time and money chasing people for abusing the license agreement.

      usually this license only available to vendor (as in PC manufacturer like Dell, HP, Lenovo etc) as they need license windows pre-install on their products (eg desktop, laptop, tablet etc)

      so basically your stuck. or else search around ebay or whatnot if some of those 3rd party selling the license (who knows the license is original from microsoft or pirate generate license, which burn your money, really).

  • guru

    can anyone help me to download win7 ultimate give a link

  • brownie7

    Is this a trial version or a full version. If it’s a trial where can i get the full version?

    • Paul

      It is the full version but you need your own product key, otherwise its a trial for 30 days, see a previous post from me how to extend this to 120 days.

      • Jack

        Are there any special installation instructions ? When should the product key be entered for full clean installation ?

        • Paul

          I would enter the key after the installation has finished.

    • sub_zero

      < asking this is trial or full version

      yarrrr matey!

  • Simon

    I used Jellybean to get the following information before trying to rebuild my Sony Vaio.

    Windows Professional Service Pack 1
    Product Part No.: X15-39604
    Installed from ‘Compliance Checked Product’ Media
    Product ID: 00371-xxx-0554511-85798 match to CD Key data
    CD Key: (I wont list here)
    Computer Name; (I wont list here)
    Registered Owner: (I wont list here)
    Registered Organization: (I wont list here)

    All good.
    From this page I downloaded
    Windows 7 64-bit Professional x64 English

    This wont accept my product key, saying the key is for upgrades only.
    Is this because I need the exact ISO X15-39604?
    Or is this never going to work?
    Bought the Laptop including an upgrade package at the time.

    I can’t find the X15 file anywhere.

    Hoping someone can help.

  • ty for the info i supose all the iso works i downloaded Windows 7 64-bit Professional x64 Spanish

  • fahad

    SO DO DES LINKS WORK !!!!!!!!!

    • sub_zero

      grammar nazi would have fun torturing you

  • Abrar

    I need a serious help here!
    I want to install Windows 7 into my iMac OS X using BootCamp… I don’t have a CD/DVD drive, so I think I’ll need to get the Windows on a USB drive.
    The questions are:

    1. Where can I get Widows ISO file?
    2. How can I get a legitimate activation key?
    3. How can I get the Windows into the flash drive?
    4. Is it really going to work on my iMac?

    As you can see I’m not an expert in this field, so I really need your detailed help!

    Thanks in advance

    • sub_zero

      an epitome of stupidity, literally.

      you want too do bootcamp, fine, everyone does (including me).

      aaaaaaaaaaaaaand you asking where to get the legit license key, don’t have a cd/dvd drive and doesn’t know your iMac can or cannot support windows? now that stupid.

      if you no expert stick to your iMac, or better off having another wintel laptops so you can be stupid forever.

      and bootcamp not for your average plebs, some more there is so much tutorial on the internet basically you just go to google and type “how to bootcamp mac” and there it is.

      wasn’t that so hard?.

  • vijiljohnson

    hi i have windows 7 home basic key but i dont have the image where i can get it

    • Paul

      You will have to edit the contents of the .ISO file and remove the ei.cfg file. After editing burn it to a blank DVD disk or put it on a thumb drive. Boot from it, this will reveal all editions of Windows 7, select the Home Basic edition.

  • Ally

    my laptop has crushed can this ultimate help

    • sub_zero

      crushed? by what? rock? better throw away and buy new one

  • soo

    windows 7 home premium works for laptop?

    • sub_zero

      are you that stupid? of course it is.

  • sub_zero

    i was looking a way to download legal iso of windows since now a lot of client nowadays either break or broke their pc and don’t keep record of their license and key.

    didn’t realize tho’ Microsoft so keen to keep the iso available for public.

    anyways, god bless OP for posting this pages, can believe the amount if ignorant moron spamming your comment section asking stupid and obvious question.

  • Are these versions free from malwares, adwares….?

    • sub_zero

      got Dr title, but stupid as f****

      you do read the WHOLE article, are you?

  • Sid Sadi

    Plz send one to me @
    for x86 ultimate

    • sub_zero

      OP already spoon feed everyone by giving the link, and you plebs asking to send one copy to you? MFW

  • Rajesh I

    I have downloaded Windows 7 ultimate 64Bit-English and installed, while installing OS it asking product key please help me.

    • Paul

      You don’t need to enter a product key as you can skip this part, but you will be limited to a 30 day trial.

    • sub_zero

      you own any LEGIT, AUTHENTIC, product key or you actually think this download is free as in free beer?

      how ignant

  • are these version free?

    • Paul

      yes, free for all to download, but you need a product key to make it genuine 😉

    • sub_zero

      free as in free beer? Microsoft could be dead by now

  • marc

    are all genuine copy bro.?

    • sub_zero

      OP already EXPLAIN this is LEGIT AUTHENTIC COPY FROM MICROSOFT or you think this is another “oh free beer”

      keep it classy plebs

  • downloading

  • Shervin

    Hey I Download the windows after every 30 days i got a black screen and i hate reinstall and reinstall my stuff can u show me how fix that

    • Paul

      There is a way to extend this 30 day to 120 days, to do this, run Command Prompt in the start menu (or search for it), and then right-click on it and choose run as administrator. (very important) Then simply type: slmgr -rearm : Within a few seconds you’ll normally see a dialog show up, saying that the command has completed successfully, at which point you’ll want to reboot, of course you’d normally want to do this near the end of the 30 days.

      • Im the guy shervin my friend find a solution he tell me to disable windows update he say for him is work but hope is work for me and other people try

        • sub_zero

          disable windows update? HAHAHAHA

          good luck with your PC ridden full of virus, spyware and loopholes

          stay classy plebs

    • Paul

      Depends if you have a 64 bit capable processor and more than 3Gb ram, if not you need the 32 bit version from the above for home premium x86.

      Taken from the file above –

    • sub_zero

      yeah obviously you think the product is “free” right?

      you need to have LEGIT AUTHENTIC product key or basically you a pirate

      yarrr matey!

  • TTheuns

    Are these ISOs OEM or Retail versions?

    • Paul

      I believe these are retail, but this makes no difference as you can install without the product key then input the key and activate after the installation has finished.

  • Jamie

    I want to upgrade from windows vista home premium service pack 2 to Windows 7 home premium. Can you tell me which link to download? Will I need to purchase W7 product key as well? I suppose the Vista product key will not work

    • Paul

      Either of the Windows 7 Home Premium files from above depends if you need the 32 or 64 bit version, if you have a 64 bit processor and more than 3GB ram go with the x64 version from above.

    • sub_zero

      a legitimate question, literally

      yes, you need to purchase windows 7 product key

      but windows 7 no longer selling in retail, depends on your country

      my country sells OEM only also not sure work with other country since license key also made for certain country

  • Sambit

    Hi Lovejeet, many thanks for the links for direct download. I was aware of the digital river site, however I ended up downloading the dutch version. Nice blog. Keep it up.

  • i had dell vostro i got windows 7 professional 64 bit cd with now it is showing some of the files have been missed, with out nowing it ihave started reinstalling os now it was not at all installing , i have downloaded professional 64 bit from your website but i could not copy image to disc showing some errors connot burn, whether can i install ultimate and use my old professional key for it

    • sub_zero

      being grammar nazi i am;

      i “HAVE” not “HAD”

      sounds like you no longer have the laptop yet asking how to fix it, meh

      and no

      key are tied to their version eg professional key will only work with professional key

      want ultimate? buy a new license

      • sum_moron

        You have terrible grammar sub_zero. Why even front?

  • lindamer

    hi Lovejeet thanxx for the windows but please give us a update for wifi,bluetooth,ithernet drivers i cannot find it on internet and your awesome man

    • Paul

      You need to go to the manufacturers website and look under support.

    • sub_zero

      the irony is that you can post here using internet and asking where you can get certain driver for certain unknown PC/laptop

      this is a tech blog, not your hotline technical support

      some plebs

  • harry

    I am downloading the 64bit version for my windows 7 32bit (i already checked compatbility, as i upgraded the specs) will my 32bit key win7 work with this 64 bit? thanks @lovejeet

    • Paul

      The key is for the version of Windows, weather it is 32 or 64 bit.

      • sub_zero

        you’re wrong

        i’ve been reading your post and seems mostly some one liner newbies post usually on some tech forum

        can you give some clarity to plebs querying such question?

        anyway as i said earlier

        key are tied to their variant

        if your key is eg home premium x86 aka 32bit means only will work with home premium x86 aka 32bit, want 64 bit? purchase a new license

        • Paul

          Newbie? you couldn’t further from the truth if you tried……..Read his post then mine……'(I am downloading the 64bit version for my windows 7 32bit)’…….. version refers to the edition maybe I should have been more specific.

        • Paul

          Quote ‘if your key is eg home premium x86 aka 32bit means only will work with home premium x86 aka 32bit, want 64 bit? purchase a new license’

          YOU’RE WRONG, think of it this way, how many product keys are in a retail box with the 32 & 64 bit discs??………………………………

          Yes, only the one.

  • Kerigan

    when i load this iso with virtualbox it wont put in storage and i it dosent get read in vmware player

  • jyam

    thank you for the links

  • Cori Westphal

    Thanks for links!

    I had to replace my hard drive, so I’m starting from scratch. And I don’t necessarily know what I’m doing!

    I have an Acer Aspire One Netbook, which does not have a disk drive, so everything was preloaded on it, no installation disks or backups. I downloaded the Windows 7 Home Premium (that I have a Key for). Then I used the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool, AND I tried Rufus to create a USB with the Windows image on it. But when I boot from the USB and start the install, I get the following error:

    ‘Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space. Windows must be installed to a partition formatted as NTFS.

    Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space. The partition is of an unrecognized type.’

    When I select the partitions, I’m not able to format them. And when I try to go ahead anyway, I get this:

    ‘To install the device driver needed to access your hard drive, insert the installation media containing the driver files, then click OK.’

    Help! I’m stuck!

  • JJ

    I have little problem with the windows 7 ultimate x64, every time when it rises, it keep updating my system, despite the fact that I have put “never check” for updates. Does anybody knows the solution?

  • Krishna

    by looking at your post, you actually trying to install windows on the USB drive, not the laptop since USB drive use FAT32 extension and not NTFS

  • Sanane Be Adam

    hi, thanks for information. I need “Turkish win7 starter iso” do you know download link ?

  • Perfumer

    Hi Lovejeet! Do you prefer Windows 8.1 or Windows 7? I would want to know a realistic answer from a Techie like you.

  • Hi Lovejeet,
    I have Gateway NV54 designed for win 7. I downloaded the iso. I have the key sticker key. Will that valid and genuine my laptop.
    Thank you in advance!

  • Clinton Kirker

    when using the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool to transfer X17-58996.iso I get an error saying that the selected file is not a valid iso file. please select a valid iso file and try again. please help.

  • michele

    my serial product is for windows 7 without sp1. Is it possible to find a windows 7 .iso image without SP1?

  • ayman

    I have a ” toshiba ” satellite C660-1kj , it came with windows 7 home premium 64 bits and the serial number was on a sticker on the bottom of the laptop ,, now i have got a new ” acer ” laptop ,, my question is that , can i use my serial number with the version which you have put the link for it with my acer laptop ?? thanks in advance

    • You should be able to do so, if you are installing the home premium version of windows 7.

  • Mr. Goat

    Hi Lovejeet! Well, this iso doesn’t work for me. I have Windows Professional 32bit and I try to upgrade it to 64bit. I burn the iso but when I restart my computer, nothing happens at all!

    • Did you set your optical drive with the first boot priority in your PC’s BIOS?

      • Mr. Goat

        I’m not sure what you mean by that, if you’d explain I’d be very thankful, Lovejeet

    • Paul

      Was the .ISO burned correctly, if you place the disc in the drive can you see folders and files on there or is the .ISO file on the disc only? The computer may have a boot menu instead of going into BIOS, depending on the manufacturer it may be the ESC, F2 or even F12 key.

  • Estou precisando instalar o windows 7 sp1 ultimate 32 bits. poderia postar o link por favor ?
    obrigado lofejeet.

  • Russell

    Thanks Lovejeet for the advice,links,information & ISO files.Thank you too Paul as well.

  • ramnath tare

    I have win7 proffessional 32 bit license key but i want to use 64 bit OS, using this 32 bit key.
    How to activate win 7 in this case?

  • Joe Mensch

    I have Windows 7 64-bit with a license for my desktop. I have an older laptop that will run Windows 7 32-bit. Can I use the key from my 64-bit version on the 32-bit Windows 7 version I plan on putting on my laptop? My laptop currently has Vista on it.

    • Kacey Howell

      I do not believe product keys pass between architectures. Also a Product Key for Windows can only be used on one machine.

    • madmanmardy

      the key will work for both 32 and 64 bit version

      • Joe Mensch

        Yes it did work, thank you for the info.

  • Raj

    This is my first windows installation. How do I get the product Key, where can I buy it? I am using parallels on Macbook. So I do not have the serial key. Please help.

    • You can buy a genuine windows key from Amazon or any other local eCommerce websites in your country.

  • Sarthak Sharma

    wonderful thnx

  • building new PC HELP

    Im trying to build a new pc and i need an OS. I lost my windows 7 installation DVD so Im trying to find a way to install windows 7 to my new PC. However I think I need a freaking product key which I lost. Can someone help me here??
    Plz email me , my email address is
    it will be so good if someone just send me the product key

    • lolcatz6657

      You don’t NEED a key.

    • dfh

      Product keys are single use and individual. I give you mine, I can’t use my computer.

    • sub_zero

      If you lost a key then it’s your own fault

      key is unique to each PC, your asking one basically borderline piracy

  • Travis Ray

    can you use a product key of a different version of windows 7 to get windows 7 ultimate 32bit?

    • Kirk Brotherton


    • sub_zero


      if from Home Premium to Pro/Ultimate you need to purchase another key

  • Jessecrowther

    Thank your for hosting these files. You saved me a lot of time…Thank you.

  • SomeOneElse

    Hi, is this legal? And are some different in this ISO (files) and between ISO from MSDN?

    • sub_zero


      lord sheogorath how stupid people can be?

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  • john libier

    hi i’m using linux ubuntu and want to know if these links work and if i need a activation key

    • Christopher Bayliss

      You will need to buy an activation key.

      Why would you want to get Windows if you have Ubuntu though? Linux is so much better than Windows. Mind you I’m getting Window 7 as a downgrade to Windows 8.1 so that I can sell my computer. 😉

    • sub_zero

      >using ubuntu

      >asking for Windows activation key


  • Shiv

    nice tutorial..just upgraded successfully from W7 Basic to Home premium using same product key

  • mohdnursyaiful

    windows 7 professional it does really work?

    • sub_zero

      ya boleh, pandai pula berbahasa inggeris, tapi masih tidak faham apa LoveJeet terangkan dalam artikel di atas

  • pissed

    These useless downloads don’t have Network Drivers. Used the links to re-install windows 7 on my alienware, and now i can’t connect to the internet because windows can’t detect a network driver or an ethernet controller. These downloads are terrible. I would be grateful if they actually worked, but they don’t. Please work to take them down.

    • You’re an Idiot

      Download your drivers beforehand, ya dingus.

    • GG

      That’s your own fault. You expected the installation media to contain drivers for every NIC ever?

    • sub_zero

      your down right pissed, so pissed that your stupidity overblown here

      Microsoft provide Operating System, it’s up to the Computer Manufacturer to supply the Driver

      in which you fail to differentiate which one

      which also i doubt what you were doing actually or knowledgeable enough

  • Iulian Caeriu

    Product key for windows7 ultimate

    • sub_zero

      an epitome of stupidity

  • Lraeman

    THanks. WHere is the MD5 hash string though so I can verify the integrity of the file?

  • Qjan

    didn´t work. missing driver for cd/dvd. i havethe latest one but it still says you need to ckeck for driver on istallationsmedia

    • Piotr Kasperek

      Forget about it. Use one of the tools:

      – Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool
      – Uiversal USB Installer
      – other 🙂

      to put .iso into USB drive. Check BIOS to be sure that USB is the first drive on the boot list. Then install your windows from pendrive.

    • Qjan

      USB check, didn´t work. so…
      do it again do it right. downloaded “Free download manager” and download same ISO-file now we are taking the same language 🙂 it´s working 🙂 Thank´s

  • Roadrunner11

    SP1 integrated?

  • ByRad

    Where can I find Windows 7 Professional x64 Polish official .iso file?

  • tan

    is this a trial??

    • All these Windows 7 ISO images comes with an 30 day trial period. You can use a genuine windows 7 key to activate them.

    • sub_zero

      obvious isn’t it?

      you read the article or expect somebody to spoon feed you?

  • Stephan Handuwala

    Cant we find the same official ISOs for Windows 8.1 ?

    • Unfortunately Microsoft doesn’t provide ISO images of Windows 8.1 as direct downloads. However if you have a genuine windows 8 or windows 8.1 key, you can use the following method to download ISO images of windows 8.1.

      • Stephan Handuwala

        This is useful, Thanks.

  • JoseJavaho

    LoveJeet, I’m downloading the ISO Win7 ultimate my machine came with Home Premium will the key on my system unlock this version or do I need to download the same version?
    Thank you,

    • You will have to download the same version of windows for which you have the genuine key.

  • Tyler Pickstock

    i have windows 8.1 so will ultimate work and then upgrade to pro

  • Jusif

    i have learned a lot on this site
    is there a possibility to integrated all ms updates in to iso DVD of windos 7 ?

  • guest

    when u download win7 pro x64 en-us u download the iso for win7 home basic en-us

  • Sascha

    No Russian Windows 7 pro ?

  • fatoba

    can change from window7 64bit to 86bit

    • “Admiral Smith”

      Yep, the retail version lets a person have both [32bit and 64bit] usually but it was around $199.00 to $250.00

    • Master Doulas

      It requires a clean installation, you can download the 32bit version. The 64bit key will work fine on the 32bit version.

  • Michael Smith

    Is this already an UPDATED version of Windows 7? I don’t want to download all those hundreds of updates that came to the world since SP1.

    • Nebakanezer Xl

      Do it.

  • Kishor

    Is this updated with the updates released as of today?

    • Paul

      No, the .ISO’s are only up to SP1

  • chiru

    hai friends i have an windows professional 32 bit key , i want to use this key for win professional 64 bit os is it works or not.

    • Paul

      Yes the key will work.

    • Joaquin

      Just as a quick reference, all keys are bound to ONLY a version of Windows. So a Japanese 32-bit Windows 7 Professional ISO will work on an English 64-bit Professional ISO.

      • Joaquin

        And by ISO in the first case I meant ISO key

  • Philip John

    Thanks for this helpful site. I could download window 7 prof 32-bit, even though many hours.

  • Gary Leise

    I tried the non-destructive fix for windows 7 pro 64 bit using my original disk and and two downloaded versions through two different sources of the digital river provider for Microsoft. All thing go well until at some point of gathering the needed file I get the following error : Windows cannot copy files required for installation. files may be corrupt or missing. Make sure all the files required for installation are available and restart the installation. Error code 0x80070241. all supposedly have SP1 present. This operating system is currently installed but giving me some issues, I have all the product keys. Any thoughts would be certainly appreciated.

    • Paul

      It could mean: Error code 0x80070241 indicates that the required installation files may be corrupted or unable to copy. This kind of issue may be caused by corrupted media files, defective DVD drive?, defective hard disk?

  • Gary Leise

    Thanks Paul, But like I said, I tried the media files from three separate sources should at least eliminate the corrupted media files, as to the other two, I downloaded and installed the download manager with no issues (defective hard disk), I then burnedverified the iso file twice. (defective dvd). So really I’m still at a loss ,where to go from here?

  • Jason

    I just used one of these ISO files to do a clean install. However, when I went to activate Windows using the product key on the computer, it told me it was invalid. I looked that up and according to the Help info from Microsoft, if the OS wasn’t originally installed with SP1 included then the key won’t work. Is this true? Will I have to start completely over on the install? I’ve already run all the updates that were available too. Please help.

    • Paul

      Is the key on the COA label or from a program to find the key?

      • Jason

        On the COA label. I used the ISO from this site for Win 7 Home Premium. I noticed after the key failed that Ultimate was installed. Is that link incorrect, and could that be the problem?

        • Paul

          Yeah that is the problem, the key will only work for Win Home Prem.

          • Jason

            I noticed that these ISOs have SP1 included. Will that also cause the key to fail? How can I tell what exact OS was the original and if it included SP1?

  • Mark

    I have 2 updates I need to do.

    The first is an upgrade from Windows Vista Business (64-bit) to Windows 7 (64-bit).
    From what I can understand this is the easy one. I just have to purchase a Windows 7 Key (Professional to match Vista Business) and use the ISO file for this to upgrade my current system. So hopefully this will keep all my files and programs ect and just upgrade the OS…?

    The second upgrade is a little more annoying. I have to upgrade a Windows 7 32-bit to a Windows 7 64-bit. So as far as I’m aware I don’t have to purchase a licence as I’ve already got a licence for Windows 7 but I do have to do a clean re-install which will wipe all of my programs and files. But will I have problems when I’m trying to use the licence key as this has already been used (even though it is the same PC)??

    • Paul

      On the second, the key should be fine as it is on exactly the same hardware, there is program out there that can store the windows activation (advanced windows token manager) not sure tho if it works when changing from 32 to 64 bit.

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  • Пино Пино!

    OMFG, почему вы не добавить русский в списке? Как я русский, я не знаю много английского или любого другого языка.

  • Пино Пино!

    Why didnt you do add russian? Surely its a language, and also i used Google Translate for this message.

    • russian girls are hairy

      maybe you shouldn’t have invaded ukraine

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    On that comment below.

  • Deepak

    Hi, When i download Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium X64 English, i am geting Only windows 7 64-bit Preminum… please provide the right link ASAP

    • Paul

      Do a ‘Google’ search for, windows 7 .iso techdows , this should be the top result, there is links for windows 7 .ISO on that page, sorry but can not post links.

  • leon

    why its said that “the disc image file is corrupted” ?

  • Simone Corletto

    My PC was built by a friend I no longer have contact with, and he didn’t give me the Windows install disks. Now I’m trying to change my 32bit system to a 64 bit system. I have Windows 7 Ultimate. Which one here should I download to do that?

    • alnnasr

      use this copy: Windows 7 64-bit Professional x64 English

    • Paul

      Have you the product key and the motherboard driver disc, if not you will have to download the drivers from the MB’s manufactures web site.

  • FAM

    Are all those link is in Sp1 and latest version as of December? Ugh I’m sleepy

    • Paul

      No, they are only up to SP1, so will require updating, around 150 of them I think.

  • Ethan Arnold

    [This is what it said when I tried to load Windows 7 64-bit Professional x64 English]

    Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software might be the cause. To fix the problem:

    1. Insert your Windows installation disk and restart your computer.
    2. Choose your language, and then click “Next.”
    3. Click “Repair your computer.”

    If you do not have this disk, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

    File: $WINDOWS.~BTWindowssystem32winload.efi

    Status: 0xc000000f

    Info: The Application or missing file couldn’t be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors.

    ENTER=OS Selection ESC=UEFI Firmware Settings

    • Paul

      Does this computer have Windows 8 installed?

      • SkorpionnGamingg

        my computer has windows 8.1 installed, from windows 7. but i want to revert back to windows 7 and i dont have the disk (guy that built my pc kept it) will this work?

        • Paul

          Yeah this will work, you might have to alter some BIOS settings? if running UEFI and change to legacy mode as well, without knowing your motherboard specs I’m only guessing.

  • vincentmac220

    what would be the best version of windows 7?

    • Paul

      Ultimate, either in 32 or 64 bit depending on your computer hardware specs,

  • Ben

    Do I need a product code?

    • Paul

      Not to install, but you do need one to activate within 30 days.

  • Fernando

    Gracias / Thanks.

  • B.K

    Thank you, I’ll give this a try 🙂 By the way, if I don’t activate within 30days, does it mean I won’t be able to use the computer at all? Or will it give that annoying ‘This copy of windows is not genuine’?

    + Tried installing and worked very well! Thank you!

  • walkergeoff

    Will this work on a PC with pre-installed Windows?

    • Yes it will.

      • Abhi

        Hi, What is the difference between

        Since my CD is broken, how can I know which one of the above two I should download?
        Please Reply.

      • Abhi

        Sorry for posting again, previous comment was not full.
        Hi, What is the difference between
        I mean what does “u” stands for? What difference it would make if I download the other one?
        Since my CD is broken, how can I know which one of the above two I should download?
        Please Reply.

        • Paul

          The ‘U’ is a media refresh. The Windows 7 SP1-U (Media Refresh version) adds the installation hotfix KB2534111, and nothing else.

  • kira203941*7

    Soy de perú ingeniero en sistemas traduzcan ustedes de donde son

  • belencita

    hello, how can I do to download the iso updated to December 2014,
    because are many updates to download, thanks bye

  • john

    hi can i use this without bootable cd and flash drive?

  • Irshad

    I got Win7-32 bit . I want to upgrade to win8-64bit. What should i do?

  • I downloaded the Home Premium 64-bit but when trying to create a bootable usb an error occurs almost at the beginning. Any help?
    I tried rufus and another program but neither worked.

    • Paul

      Maybe the file is corrupted, do a ‘Google’ search for, windows 7 .iso techdows , this should be the top result, there is links for windows 7 .ISO on that page, sorry but can not post links.

  • SonicFan4562

    Didn’t work D:
    which is a shame because i spent like 2 hours downloading it

    • Paul

      Why didn’t it work?

  • louis

    this site is only if you already have win 7, right?

    • Paul

      It does help if you already own a product key for windows 7, but you can use it in trial mode for 30 days if don’t own a key.

  • Variousthings3251

    I’ll use this in virtualbox.

  • Fernandez

    Thanks. I lost My disc. Bought The key if you want use the OS

  • Rabani

    That original windows

  • Jos

    Do they provide the “N” (without Windows Media Player) versions as well?
    I need to find one, cas this is my version.

  • JamesC36

    username and password stuff. cant access windows without this info

    • Paul

      If this is post installation the username + password are anything you wish to use.

  • JamesC36

    Can someone help me out? I booted the windows 7 32 bit x86 English, from usb on my laptop and after installation it went to Username and Password screen, (both blank). None of the user ids I use are correct. I just cant get into windows at all.

  • Rahul12q

    what are the minimum hardware requirements to install 64x / 32x win7 ultimate ?please help

  • anurag

    i downloaded the Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate x86 English and when i extracted and tried to open the setup file its showing the error autorun.dll could not be loaded or corrupted what should i do now ?

    • Paul

      The .ISO file you have downloaded is NOT a zip file, if you have winrar or similar installed on the computer it changes the icon, the file is a disc image, you need to burn it to a DVD or a USB memory stick.

    • jaspreet

      click the 2nd one you got it dont worry t

      he virous after you installed download a antivrous and scan and delete virous now i have window 7ultimate 64bit working excellent do it ….

  • Lea

    Great but make sure you scan for viruses. I get a trojan virus (picked up by my antivirus – using Baidu Full Version antivirus) every time I put this ISO (using Microsoft’s USB tool) onto my USB stick… Otherwise it installs fine and works well. Just mindful of the background backdoor to my computer..

    This has happened for these versions which I have downloaded.
    Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate x86 English
    Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate x64 English
    Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium x64 English

  • Sarah

    I have Windows 7 Starter, do you know whether I am able to use to this product key to activate one of these downloads? thanks

    • Paul

      No, the key will only work for starter.

      • Sarah


    • @Paul ; @Sarah Actually it will work but only the starter features will be enabled.

      • Paul

        Have you tried this for yourself? I am curious now 🙂

  • gsk

    hi expecting a favor from you. .
    i have purchased hp laptop with windows 7 home premium..i have one key which pasted to bottom of my laptop. .
    only for the reason of portioning hard drive i installed pirated version.. i tried many..but my laptop lag’s . .
    kindly help me..
    if i download the above version..can i install the key.. what i got with my laptop..
    and may i know what is ISO . .
    please help me

    • Paul

      What model of laptop do you own?
      You can use the key on the bottom of the laptop but only for the version it states on the label, do not enter the key when asked during installation, wait till the installation has finished. I would personally do a clean install and delete all the partitions on there, this can be achieved by choosing custom while installing Win 7, if you have any personal info on there make sure to back this up first if needed.
      Basically a .ISO file is a disc image, this can be directly burned to a DVD disc or a USB memory stick using windows vista7 built in burning engine or a favourite of mine is IMGBURN.

      • Nostromov

        Cool, except IMGBURN is -perhaps- a little too advanced.. There are *better* programs, like the Windows USB/DVD Download Tool.

        • Paul

          ImgBurn is quite easy for DVD, right click on the .ISO, open with ImgBurn, check burn speed, check Verify if required, click Write! Done!

        • Imgburn as of may 30th 2015 is filled with Trojans. I downloaded it and my desktop went haywire. Malwarebytes found 10 pups that are malicious items and after put in vault I still had problems. I had to use dariks boot and nuke and re-install windows.

  • Steve

    The Windows 7 x86 Professional is Home Premium after install…

    • Paul

      Do a ‘Google’ search for, windows 7 .iso techdows, this should be the top result, there is links for windows 7 .ISO on that page, sorry but can not post links.

  • Guest

    What’s the activation code?

    • Jake

      These ISO’s do not come with an activation code, since they are used for installing legitimate copies of windows, you will need to use your existing activation code. If you’re trying to install a new copy of windows and you don’t have a code, you’ll need to purchase either an installation CD or a digital copy of windows. If you’re re-installing it on your current computer, there are a number of programs you can use to find out your current key. Your PC may also have a sticker on it somewhere with the factory installed CD key printed on it if it’s a pre-built or a notebook.

  • Shaun

    I have this downloaded, do I just save to to a usb and then how do I install onto my other computer?

  • Shaun

    This is not working, says there was an error when burning onto USB boot drive.

    • Paul

      How are you trying to burn the .ISO to the USB stick?

      • Rotating Beater Shaft

        With Rufus, what did you think?

        • Paul

          Just wondering, maybe the .ISO you downloaded is corrupted??

  • mohammad mehdi

    is it a trial version or a full version?

    • sarky


    • Paul

      It is a 30 day trial without a valid product key.

  • tejas kolge

    i have windows 7 home basic 64-bit installed on my samsung laptop. it hangs a lot and i have being thinking to re-install windows. will my “home basic” key work for “home premium”??

    • Paul

      AFAIK your key will only work for Home Basic, you can download any of the x64 above .ISO files and turn that in to a ‘universal’ disc to install Home Basic. Google for ‘ei.cfg’ removal.

      • tejas kolge

        thanks for the tip i’ll try it out ….

        • Suomi A

          the official usb tool will not work, regardless of what you do, but be careful about removing the eu.cfg you can fuck up the entire iso so that when you go to install the os, after a full wipe, your stuck..try to find a site that offers all versions of windows 7..its not worth the brain fuck when your stuck at not being able to install after you wipe your system

          • Paul

            You’re right, I just tested the official USB tool and the USB memory stick will not boot, there is only a flashing cursor in the top left corner, I have never used the USB tool before I always use UltraISO, but I did try burning the ‘Windows 7 Home Premium x86 English with Rufus and that boots fine, installing as I type this on another computer. I do have a ‘Universal’ disc in my Mega account which I made, if anyone would like the link to the ISO please send a message to: :

          • Suomi A

            it has something to do with the UTF system and the size of data blocks. For some reason, the original digital river iso’s worked because the layout of the iso was correct, and so the microsoft tool would work..basically the tool has a checker in place to check for these 2048 UTF data blocks at the start of the iso and at the end, the digital river iso’s the newer ones do not have the correct UTF format at the end of the iso. however using imageburn you can turn the entire iso into UTF format and suddenly it works in the microsoft usb tool.

    • Suomi A

      no it will not, your licensed for home basic and not home premium. you will either need to get an activator or pay their retarded full price upgrades to home premium lol

  • Mark

    Thanks for these links my soo glad that peoplel are still active on this site regarding this page 🙂

    • Suomi A

      the iso’s dont work using the official tool..but you knew that anyway right?

  • Mark

    I use this and a legit windows7loader to activate kmspico also works for office 2013. Be carefull with viruses using these keywords there are a lot of fake links check md5 hash

  • Suomi A

    You can download these all day long, but if you attempt to use the Microsoft USB tool, you will never be able to put these on to your thumb drive.
    I must have downloaded at leasr 20 versions of windows 7, and tried to use the USB tool, it simply is not going to work, and i am not going to fuck around buying ancient dvd’s just to put a copy of my own legal windows 7 on to my own machine.

    This is why people who buy shit end up resorting to piracy…..shitting on their own customers…thanks

    • Edwin

      That true. I only experience problem with their usb burning tools and not others

  • Golden Keyboard

    So does Help me

  • Saeed Soltani


  • Chungor

    Dam i was going to download it but i also get The Page or File you requested could not be provided, what do i do now?

  • Guntoro, Ade

    do have another direct link ??
    link is dead..

  • John

    Link now redirects to microsoft site requiring a product key just to download….where is a link that avoids this that’s safe??

    • Paul

      The same happens on the Techdows website, which version are you after? I have a universal disc in my mega account if that is any use to yourself, compiled from 2 of the files from the links above. email: :

  • seems like everytime I’m downloading the home premium x64 iso I got stuck at around 93% and my downloader keeps trying (and even downloads further 5-10mb in next couple of hours) and is unable to complete the download

    • bandog

      same here.stuck at 99.93% a week ago ….
      now links don’t work 🙁

    • Missaka

      Same here got stuck at 99.93% and for me too the links aren’t working

  • Karadan

    Looks like Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows 7 or something? I just spent over 2 hours on the phone/chat with tech support trying to get a windows 7 download from them, and after all that time they’re like “Something’s up with the network, try again in an hour, bye.” and that’s it. They acted like a download of Windows 7 is something they don’t do any more and were making a special case for me.

    • Paul

      The same happens on the Techdows website, which version are you after? I have a universal disc in my mega account if that is any use to yourself, compiled from 2 of the files from the links above. email: :

      • Edwin

        Hi Paul.. i need a OEM version of win7 home. Do you have it? unfortunate for me… months ago i converted my usb to hold linux os. Thanks for helping out here.

        • Paul

          Hi Edwin, send me an email to : : I will send you the link to my ‘universal disc’ in my mega account, this will work for both OEM and retail keys, the key must be entered after the installation has finished.

          • Edwin

            Thanks Paul… msg send 🙂

          • Hi Paul, I had all OEM verisons of Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate (both 32 and 64 Bit). My friends need it, please send to me.

            I need Windows 7 Premium, Professional and Ultimate (32 and 64 Bit) RTM versions please!


        • grey

          Hi Paul… i need a OEM ver of win7 home prem too ><

          • Paul

            Hi, you need to send an email to : : so I can send you the link to my mega account, as I can not post that on this forum. Cheers

          • Suresh

            Thanks Paul. Message send

      • Ferrant Sölvath

        hi paul, could you send me the link to me too, thanks a lot, i never though that microsoft would delete those sources ):

      • Hey Paul,

        Can you send the link to me??

  • T

    Any idea when (if) they will put these downloads back to life again?

    • Chungor

      Never man, the download page is there but you need a product key now 🙁 sucks.

      • Bob4Bob

        It only sucks if you planned on pirating their software…

        • Zoomcho

          Really? I will never enter my product key on page without SECURE(HTTPS) connection and encryption. If you open the download page on Microsoft website you wll see that the connection is NOT secure. Everything you enter can be intercepted between you and the download page. This is outrageous security flaw!

  • Edwin

    Hi Paul, thanks for sharing the image source 🙂 and your informative guidance. Now my system is perfect! Nevertheless, I did all back up as advised. Greatly appreciate your help….. 🙂

  • mike

    do i need a product key

    • J

      yeah. of course you can use non legal ways to activate the OS.

  • Michael Rizan

    any other link to DL ?? Win 7 ultimate x64 please ..thanks paul

  • I see several replies by a guy named Paul.
    Mine is too so I will use my other alias.

  • Karl, Baron Von Bahnhof

    practically useless
    1.] all links are dead.
    2.] not usable for pre-instaled OEM (when os is included with PC)

    • Paul

      Explain no.2, why is it not usable when the computer has a pre-installed OEM.

      • Karl, Baron Von Bahnhof

        When you enter key from pre-instaled OEM (dell, hp, lenovo, …) Microsoft tell you “sorry, medium is not available for pre-sale OEM, contact your manufacturer…”.

        • Paul

          Ah right, I though you were meaning that, the downloads only work for retail keys afaik, I do have a universal disc, please see my other posts.

  • I give some comments hehe

    All links are dead! Fix it and so fast as possible. Thanks 🙂

    • Reece

      Microsoft has stopped anyone just downloading them freely, you now need a product key to download them:(

  • Richard I

    I have two dead hard drives in two computers. As many other have done, tried downloading the Windows 7 Recovery ISO, only to learn OEM not supported.

    The manufacturer tech support claim they can only offer upgrade to Windows 8.1

    Any ideas?

    Need Win 7 Professional 64 bit and Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I have the legit product keys. (the original OEM keys).

    All and any help appreciated.

    • Paul

      Please read my other posts!

      • Richard I

        Thanks. The ISO worked great.

        Any suggestions on where to find Office 2010 ISO’s?

        • Paul

          If you Google ‘office 2010.ISO’, 1st result, or the 3rd if you have a key. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Zhang May

    practically useless
    1.] all links are dead.
    2.] not usable for pre-instaled OEM (when os is included with PC)

  • bobthebuilder

    yeah, all the links ARE dead and its really bugging me!!!!! >:(

    • Paul

      I have a universal disc in my mega account if that is any use to yourself, compiled from 2 of the files from the links above. email: :

  • susan

    yeah, all the links ARE dead and its really bugging me!!!!! >:(

  • Nice

  • Thanks! Really helped, I got a little annoyed because I had to reinstall Windows 8 3 times so I really liked it because it worked.

  • Bob

    This information is inaccurate in a very important sense. Here’s the error I got.

    “Unsupported Product
    The product key you entered appears to be for software that was pre-installed on a device. Please contact the device manufacturer for software recovery options.”

    So, I have a valid key, and yet cannot download the ISO file. Getting one from Lenovo is a pain, you have to buy it and wait for shipment.
    And for once I thought Microsoft might actually be thinking of the customer, looks like that didn’t last for long. Good thing I downloaded several of the isos and kept them (strike while the iron is hot).

    • Paul

      Yeah the .ISO’s from MS only work for retail keys and not OEM! I have one .ISO, so one disc/USB for 9 versions of Windows 7 🙂 Which I made from 2 of the .ISO files when they were available, if you would like a link to the .ISO, email : : 🙂 🙂

  • rolfen

    It is not true that you can download it directly from microsoft if you have a valide key. I have a valid OEM windows 7 key and they are refusing to give me the ISO image, saying I should “contact my manufacturer” (which I can’t do since I bought the now lost DVD from a person)

    • Paul

      Yeah the .ISO’s from MS only work for retail keys and not OEM! I have one .ISO, so one disc/USB for 9 versions of Windows 7 🙂 Which I made from 2 of the .ISO files when they were available, if you would like a link to the .ISO, email : : 🙂 🙂

      • rolfen

        Thanks. Found it as a torrent.

        • Paul

          Yeah, but I guarantee there is no Malware, Spyware, backdoor Trojans or key loggers etc included with mine 🙂

  • Rinzwind

    What is wrong with MS? Please provide your genuine customers with means to download their purchased product! The new site does not work in 90% of the cases (invalid language or contact your oem or…) MS clearly wants their customers to download their software from untrusted sources cause that’s the only practical way to get it. Why would MS make it difficult and why would they even need to ‘validate’ the entered product key? Really… what’s the purpose of it… They can already check if you’re ‘legal’ by checking the entered serial after installation… Recover my software my ass… completely useless for 99% of the Windows users.

  • InnerZ7 .

    hey i used this site for my pc since i had a win7 home prem key , but i trying to help my buddy with hes laptop and he has win 8 64bit , and im lost on window8 this is is weird tried to give one of my window7 and doesnt work .. someone help me he has a window 8 64bits OEM not sure but i think the OEM thing is blocking me to install window 7 on it , i would like help or a window 8 6 bits iso for OEM or anything :/

  • nicki macleod

    Hi Paul… i need a OEM ver of win7 home prem too plz

  • estiakahamed

    Download link can’t work . Can you fix it?

    • sounder

      You’ll need to copy&paste the download link to a download manager.

  • Lucian

    Hi! I downloaded the windows at the address above recommended, but where can I find a key official from him? I really need official serial. if you can help me remain grateful thanks. (X17-24281.iso en_windows_7_professional_with_sp1_x64_dvd_621750.iso)

  • KO

    Guys I can’t Download.. Error 404 Not Found | nginx

  • Giri

    Hi, provided links are not working, i tried with internet download manager. Can any body provide the updated links, please? Thanks.

  • I want an ISO, not a TORRENT.

    • Paul

      I have a .ISO in my cloud account, send email to : and I will give you the link.

  • Yash

    1. en_windows_7_ultimate_with_sp1_x86_dvd_619077.iso
    2. en_windows_7_ultimate_with_sp1_x86_dvd_u_677460.iso
    difference between there iso files. Please

  • Mike

    Where can I download a trial Windows 7 or Wndows XP legally? Anyone has a link? Thanks.

    • Paul

      I am unable to post links on this forum so please send an email to: : I have a universal Windows 7 in my mega account

  • Sorin

    Hello Lovejeet, the torrent site is not working anymore. will you fix it soon?

  • Hi Lovejeet. I have a Toshiba laptop with Home Premium 64 bit installed as OEM. I don’t have a recovery disk for it and had to wipe the hard drive to do a clean install. I have used a different manufacturer OEM Win 7 disk to do the new install, thinking that my product key from the bottom of my laptop would work. However, it doesn’t work.

    If I download Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit iso torrent from your links and install from that, do you think my product key will then work, or do I need Toshiba OEM Win 7 disk?

    Also, I don’t have any blank DVD’s left to copy the iso onto a disk. Do you know what is the best way of copying it onto a USB to make a bootable USB?

    Many thanks.

  • koljol

    Please via which link can I install all the requires drivers for my windows xp pro version 2002 sp3?

  • Hello how to get in contact with you

  • jonathan

    Could you tell me the link of windows 7 home premium or x16-96072 in Spanish THANKS !!!

  • Grisha

    Hi, What is the difference between “en_windows_7_professional_with_sp1_x64_dvd_621750.iso” and en_windows_7_professional_with_sp1_x64_dvd_u_676939.iso?

    What does this u stand for and how do I know which one should I install?

    • Paul

      ‘U’ – This new issue fixes a minor issue when using the original Windows 7 SP1 media to install Win7 w/SP1 on a new PC. The Windows 7 SP1-U (Media Refresh version) adds the installation hotfix KB2534111, and nothing else. No other changes have been made to the Windows 7 with SP1 ISO image despite there are several updates that have been released after the original Windows 7 SP1 was released

  • ALL of your DOwnload links are broken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    whats the point ? !!

  • SolidGold

    Can you help me with an active link to download windows 7 64 bit ultimate current version

  • bharat

    hii frnd i have downloaded w7 64bit ultim..when i am trying to instal the language it is coming in other then english..plss rply to me

  • bharat

    hii frnd i have downloaded w7 64bit ultimt and when trying to install the language it is coming is other then english..pls rply to me

  • Filipe

    I need Windows 7 Home Premium OA x16-96072?

  • Muhammad Rizky

    The link is broken

  • luigge

    can i use windows home basic original key with windows home premium??

  • Keith

    I got a little bit too enthusiastic when cleaning up unwanted programs on my Win 7 Pro 32 bit machine. Did a search and destroy for freecell.exe which was an extra game (not the MS one!) I did not like.
    Unfortunately deleted the original good Microsoft freecell.exe and sfc / scannow says resource is missing.
    I need the original ms windows 7 pro 32 bit exe file.
    Have a copy of the x64 freecell, which of course won’t work.
    I cannot find it on my original iso the I bought 4 years ago.
    Any suggestions to obtain original x32 freecell.exe?


  • Keith

    I have a legitimate MS Windows 7 Professional 32 bit installation and original DVD. Has been working fine.
    I accidentally deleted a game and now the freecell.exe file is missing.

    Can anyone please help me get this game back by sending me the file freecell.exe from their Win 7 Pro 32 bit computer?

    You will find it in the folder:


    Someone else sent me a file, but unfortunately it is from x64 not x32.

    I also have a complete ISO downloaded, but it needs to install to create all the files and I have no spare machine or key to install another one. I just want to keep my original legitimate Win 7 Pro x32 going as it is on my computer, but with the freecell.exe back again.

    Much appreciated.

  • Yashas

    hi Paul send me OEM key

  • Mohsin khan

    I need WINDOW 7 service pasck 3 plz help me

    • Paul

      No such thing as Service Pack 3.

    • PosDe

      ask for service pack 4 for windows 7 🙂

  • C.H LIEW


  • John Cooper

    windows 7 64 bit british copy with full language pack there copy of it has les spam and maill wear in it iv lernd dam us spaying on us all lol

  • Jayesh

    Hy ! I need original untouched copy of Windows 7 x32+x64 bit with Genuine. No problem if that is for only 1 month.

  • Sumit Singh

    Hi I have hp 2000-227cl notebook and I want Windows 7 home official .iso.. can you send me download link on

  • Bilal Saed

    I upgraded my Windows 7 PC before expiration of Windows 10 free upgrade, But encountered some technical problems such as; Daily updates, hanging, black screen, driver not found and some other configuration issues, That’s why I checked on Google, If I may downgrade back to windows 7 ultimate, But did not find any solution, So I had to done clean installation of my OS with losing all data settings.
    About one week ago, I read from your site that Microsoft has now stable windows 10, Where I’ll not face technical issue, So I thought to take a chance by upgrading again my OS to windows 10, But came to know that I’ve to buy retails license for it, Which is expensive for me. I searched and found an Indian Site ODosta Store
    Where from I bought a cheap license @ $48 only, Which worked well with no hassle, So I’m sharing my experience here with thanks a lot of techverse team.
    Thank you very much…

  • Kids Rhymes

    kindly update the old versions its says out dated….softpedia doesnt have the iso file please help out thanks

  • Kids Rhymes

    please do upate the old windows versions ASAP! thanks in advance

  • update links

  • please update the post and download link and i need windows 10 product keys

  • Waqas Chana

    nice bro. anyway after downloading and installing iso, you need its license for activation, for which I recommend you to get from ODosta Store, As I recently installed your iso and got its product key from there, which is working well, that’s why I through that I should share my experience here.
    That’s guys

  • Please update the links 🙂

  • Can you update the post with official download links from Microsoft?