EA Triples PC Game prices in India : Gamers rage over twitter

This week EA has revealed the Pre-order price of BattleField 4 for India . The game is ridiculously priced at Rs. 3499 for all the platforms . Compared to the launch price of BattleField 3 ,which was launched at Rs. 1499 for the Limited edition and Rs.999 for normal edition . This is a straightaway ripoff !


Ea increases game prices in india

Not only for BattleField 4 , even NFS rivals has been priced equally at Rs 3,499 ! and the PC version of FIFA 14 has been priced at Rs.2499 from Rs.999 for FIFA 13.

Rs.999 was a standard price for newly released games In India for a long time . Due to which there has been an increase in Game sales in India in the past years .

EA is just trying to milk as much as possible from their battlefield franchise as Activision did with Call of duty series . Not all gamers belong from rich families and Affording a game at that price is not possible for all gamers .


Forget about the pricing .  EA doesn’t even take into consideration , that when BattleField 3 sold moderately well in India. they did not even bother to set up a single server for the gamers in India . Then how can they think of us to pay a price of 3,499 and expect gamers to buy it . EA is just simply Ignoring Indian gamers .

With this steps Indian gamers are either going to source out their game from Russian CD key sites , where the games cost a fraction of International prices . otherwise they are going to pirate the games .

EA has responded to Indian gamers on twitter that , these steps have been taken in order to stop international gamers accessing Origin India via VPN to take advantage of the region’s lower pricing .

The company  has been come int criticization many times ,  recently in the  SimCity fiasco, they ended up giving buyers free copies for their troubles.

If EA wants to loot indian gamers like this , then we should start boycotting their products to make them realize that Indian gamers do matter . I have been a loyal battlefield gamer for years and this decision by EA will not be taken positively by Indian gamers .

 Pissed off indian gamers have already taken to twitter to express their anger over this issue .So please , If you are a PC gamer , share your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter using the #EAPCIndia hashtag and do join the Indian PC gamers on twitter by using the  hastag #EAPCIndia . With your support we can see a fair pricing on the games soon .

  • Maarten

    Here in the Netherlands we pay up to 60euro (4600 rupee, 78 US dollars) for most games. It is rediculous. It’s like they want you to pirate there games.

    • http://www.techverse.net Lovejeet

      Thats very bad , you can opt for russian CD keys though .