How to Fix Utorrent Error: System cannot find the path specified (write to disk)


Yesterday Icame across an strange error with utorrent. I tried downloading few torrent but immediately after starting the download, all of them showed one of the following error:

  • Error: System cannot find the path specified (write to disk)
  • Error: Access is Denied

The drive to which the downloads were being saved has more than 20GB of free storage space and yet the downloads were giving up on an error. This was confusing and frustrating. So a quick google search brought me across a few solutions and here’s the one that worked for me.

First of all the error is caused when an invalid download location is entered while downloading an torrent. So make sure that the file path is correct and does not contain any additional dots or symbols by mistake.

Now if you already have downloads added to utorrent and they are showing the Error: System cannot find the path specified (write to disk), then you can change their download location from the advanced settings and this should get the download started.

How to Fix Utorrent Error: System cannot find the path specified (write to disk)

Here’s how you can fix the Error: System cannot find the path specified (write to disk) on utorrent.

  • Step 1: Right click on the download and click on Advanced > Set Download Location.


  • Step 2: Select a new download location which should be on another drive then the current one.


  • Step 3: Now start the download again.

change-download-location-in-utorrrent file-started-downloading-utorrent

There you go, the download should start now.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is , the file’s path must be under 256 characters. Including the name. You must have access to the folder you’re trying to download it to. Sometimes when you format your computer and leave a partition untouched, you have to manually open the folder and give access to it. Or change the Security properties of the partition you’re trying to use.



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    Starting Utorrent in administrator mode was what did it for me. Long file / directory names and paths might break it too.

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      I managed to fix this by changing the download place to the desktop and reducing the name of the file to a shorter one.

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    Run the application as an Administrator

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