How to Troubleshoot Google Chrome’s High CPU and Memory Usage

Google chrome is definitely one of the fastest web browsers currently. While it Might be able to beat down all its contenders hands down in terms of speed and features, Chrome does has a weak point. When it comes to memory usage, sometimes chrome may act a little weird and consume a lot of your RAM and CPU’s resources . This eventually might cause your computer to slow down and even may lead to blue screens.


A similar problem happened with me a few days back. I have been using Google chrome for a long time and suddenly Google chrome started to consume up a lot of my computer’s ram and CPU resources. Every time when i rebooted, my computer worked flawlessly but when i started Google Chrome, it started to lag and even it slowed down my computer and eventually lead to a blue screen. This was it, i started searching for possible solutions and fixes for this problem online .

I followed most of the solutions and fixes i could find  but nothing seemed to work . So i tried checking each and every setting of Google chrome and eventually i found a solution . The culprit was one of my Google chrome extensions and removing all the extensions solved the problem. Although the culprit in my case was a extension but it might not be the same in your case .

If you have a similar problem where Google chrome is hogging a vast amount of your computers ram and CPU resources, then let me provide you some tips on how you can troubleshoot this annoying problem . Simply follow all of the methods provided below and i am sure one of them should definitely work for you.

Method 1 : Use Google Chrome’s inbuilt task manager

Google chrome has a inbuilt task manager ? yes it apparently does . Its made for advanced users but anyone can benefit from it . To bring up the task manager on Google chrome just press the following key combination ( Shift + Esc ) .



The Task manager in Google chrome shows how much resource every web page and each of the chrome extensions are using. Right click on any process and you can select from more categories of information . If you find any of them fluctuating and using too much of your ram and CPU resources. Chances might be the page is infected or the extension is malfunctioning. Select the process / extension and end it and do a thorough scan of your system to remove any malware infection..

Method 2 : Remove all the extension in Google chrome 

Sometime one or multiple plugins can be the reason why Google Chrome ends up using a lot of your computers resources . You can use chrome’s extension manager to find out which of the extension is using more resources. Simply select the extension and click on the End process button end it. Restart chrome and if the plugin works normally then the problem is solved, however if the problem still exists then Remove the extension from chrome and reset chrome to set it back to normal .

remove-extensions-google -chrome

Method 3 : Reset chrome

If you can’t find any solution to Chrome’s problems through all of the above steps then you can try Resetting Chrome . It fixes most of the problems with chrome. Before resetting chrome, do sync your bookmarks and other data with your Gmail account so that you don’t lose them .


If you follow these two steps then most probably your problem will be solved . If it doesn’t then do add a comment below . I am pretty sure that myself or any of our readers might come to your help.

  • Shane

    Very good tips!

  • Bob_Makihara

    Great tips!

  • globurs

    Thanks. I have very recently been having super high lag and traced it back to 1000% (yes, that is one thousand!) CPU usage in a single chrome process, as measured by the built-in Resource Monitor in win7. Through trial and error, found a couple sneaky extensions had installed themselves in chrome. In my case, these were “searchnewtab”, “surfanddkeep”, and “youtubeadblocker”. Not sure which one was doing the damage, but removed all! Turns out some very nasty malware was hiding in my extensions.
    Thanks for putting this info up! Really helpful!!!

    • Linda Melfi Stockbridge

      Globurs, how did you even find the three sneaky extensions?? How did you arrive at those?

      • OMA

        A process using 1000% of the CPU. How can it be even possible? Does your computer have 10 CPU processors inside? ;-)

        • globurs

          Basically, yeah. It’s a 10-core Intel Xeon E7 CPU

  • TestTickle

    ugh, you techs! how do you reset the browser? i didnt understand any of this. the only thing i was able to do was to bring up the task manager. after that, the directions meant nothing to me.

    • shufflemoomin

      How is that anyone else’s fault?

      • TestTickle

        If the instructions are for a general audience with no specific training, they should be clear, detailed, avoid technical terms, and provide illustrations. Just as companies do product testing, they could do instruction testing. It’s called being user-friendly, and it is something most products try to achieve. There is nothing wrong with my asking that the instructions be made more user-friendly.

        • OMA

          For me it was pretty obvious that the “Reset browser settings” screen capture shown in Method 3 was from the Settings menu, but I can understand that some people never used the Settings menu and might not know where that button is. Anyway, you could have just googled the words “reset chrome”, and the FIRST result explains where to find that.

  • Prince Saini

    playing a game on fb is using around 40-50 of my cpu which wasnt the case earlier.
    I hav removed al extensions but still no help

  • submitter

    depending on certain webpages, it can use a lot of resources. i was surprised my cpu temp jump to 65C from normal operation of 45C. Loud noise from fan with its speed jump to 2300rpm from normal oprtn 1500rpm.

    press ctrl+al+del , and end all those chrome processes. temp return to normal. and reclick chrome and continue browsing.

    • lovejeet

      Seems to be a bad extension for me. If you ever face the same problem again, check which extension is using the highest resource. That might be your culprit.

    • Solidpeag

      This is where I’m at, though same problem recurs if visiting the same webpages is a necessity for the task at hand.

    • holly

      “press ctrl+al+del , and end all those chrome processes. temp return to normal. and reclick chrome and continue browsing.”
      That’s just stupid advice because the chrome processes aren’t there in Task Manager unless you have chrome running.

  • Leanne

    Chrome has become a useless piece of bloatware. Developers still use it because it often has leading edge features. If you think Chrome on Windows is bad, you should try Chrome on Android. Google should be embarrassed.

    • ncresident

      Chrome on IOS has become virtually unusable.

  • Gisle Lie

    Bad tips.. Resetting makes it good for 1-2 days. Disabling extensions makes no difference. And checking the task manager does nothing but inform you that flash is using a fuck load of CPU. Can I get a job and give shitty tips as well?

    • lovejeet

      Hi Gisle, i try to share all that i know through this blog and this doesn’t mean i know everything. Most of the time its the visitors comments on my blog from which i learn new things. All the how to guides and tips that i provide on my blog are thoroughly tested by me on my PC. I wouldn’t dare to post them if they didn’t work at first. The problem is we all use computers with different specs, Which is why my tips will work for some and for some they wont.

    • Dom

      Indeed, problem I have is that YouTube Flash now takes up 100% of CPU (using process monitor) so sound breaks up – even if I pause to let it download ahead – seems to be in playback. Adjusting to low res doesn’t help. There ought to be a law against automatic (forced) updates the incur more resources. I still use XP because, unlike Windows Vista, 7, or 8, I am still allowed unfettered access to my computer – just imagine if you bought a car and were not allowed to look under the hood. That’s Bullshit!!

    • ALX

      Are you just commenting to be a douche or do you have some alternative input rather than criticizing on what does not work for you. Seems like you know the ins and outs so let’s hear some good tips. Also if you think you can do it better just:
      -make your own blog
      -incorporate relevant information that will attract the type of visitors you want
      -link your site to all you’re preferred social networking groups that keeps your sites traffic flowing
      -hope that you have enough credible info that people can use are willing to spread the news about your site that you’ll run out of bandwidth allowing you to step up your game
      -and soon you too will be paid for your “shitty” advice
      Best of awareness to you, because narrow mindedness gets us nowhere.

      Thank you Lovejeet for sharing your knowledge although it does not help everyone you at least help some… Keep up the geek.

    • B Real

      true, the advices are just lame.

  • woodward54

    Never knew about that task manager. Found out a single ebay tab was using up about 15% cpu usage

  • Jeff Yan

    Thanks so much! It works for my chrome.

  • Invariable_Muse

    Thanks so much. I didn’t even need to delete an extension, just disabling it and immediately selecting it again freed up all my cpu!

  • artan bruci

    thanks so much it worked for me to

  • Random Guy

    I dont use a lots of extensions but i deleted one same prob and 2 more are there but i need them is there a another way

  • Bruno Piazera Larsen

    i tried all of those solutions but now i have a just install chrome, with no plug-in other than the ones it comes with and it still gets 15 to 20% of the cpu of my i7 4770k. when i use the inbuilt task manager it says that the browser isusing all the cpu, not one specific page, so how can i deal with that?

  • kamel berrayah


    This is something wrong with google chrome , it’s not normal to use up to 2GO for just three tab and some modest thre extensions ( like adblock )

  • Henry_S

    Bafore this started to happen Spring of 2014 I could open as many tabs as I desired with no issue…Then an update to Flash and its been hell since…I have also noticed that if you let facebook sit open it will consume the memory and rise to a gig or so.
    The only shortcut way out for Me is to click a new tab then close the facebook tab, then go back to facebook on the new tab. (and Your still logged in) Do We can ask Adobe and facebook whats the deal? I think it is closer to something facebook is doing such as feeding rotation weather ads or live feed. not releasing any memory.

  • http://none Jacy

    Hello, I have Windows 7 and the past few days have been receiving a Norton Performance Alert for High CPU usage for Google Chrome. And also, my computer has been running very poorly, so I removed Google Chrome to resolve the problem. I am still getting the Norton Performance Alert for High CPU usage for Google Chrome, even though it is uninstalled. When I click on the details in the Performance Alert it says qmoqcpdgc.exe. next to a Google Chrome icon. I click ‘locate’ and it in the C drive listed as an application and is 841 KB in size. When I highlight and delete, it says, ‘the file can’t be deleted because it is open in Google Chrome. Close the file and try again’. The high CPU problem was happening while Google Chrome was installed and is still happening after I uninstalled it. How can I delete this ‘qmoqcpdgc.exe.’ application file at this point? The alert is popping up every few minutes and right this minute! My computer fan is non stop and I’m afraid my computer is going to crash at any moment. Thank you for your help!

    • Lovejeet

      You can try to uninstall and reinstall google chrome and if the problem persists, scan your computer using an antivirus program.

  • Mike Green

    Processes running show Dxptaxluzwsp.exe listed about twenty times. Shows as a Google file. I have tried going into safe mode and deleting the Dxptaxluzwsp.exe file but when I reboot it seems to return. Also my desktop keeps refreshing about 30 seconds. Any ideas how to completely remove Google?

    • Lovejeet

      It seems your PC is infected with a virus. You need to perform a thorough scan using an antivirus program.

  • Bok Ja Sam Mario

    well u see this guy got i7 cpu so problem is in google chrome,not in add ons,or cpu,ram etc …

  • feddup2

    I uninstalled Google Chrome and still get the message it is using 100% cpu.

  • Ron

    I fixed the problem of Google Chrome still HIGH CPU after uninstall. Task manager showed the process whxrwtanaf.exe as the culprit. I did a search for the file and located it in C:/users/*your user name”/AppData/LocalLow/Microsofthxohml/sycfaqxxdyle . Right clicked on the file and selected properties. Selected security, the advanced, then effective permissions, then edit. In edit, denied all permissions under SYSTEM, User, and administrator. Did apply and okay and returned to desktop. Restarted the computer and the problem was fixed. I checked the task manager after the computer was up fully and the google file was not running and the CPU usage was 0% and google no longer used 1GB of RAM.

    • Tom

      Thank you so much, I tried to remove google, updated Bios,ran several system tests and nothing worked. It appeared as if google was taking control of my computer. Then after following your instructions above , my system is back to normal, once again thank you so much.

    • B Real

      that’s some virus or what, what does it have to do with chrome

  • holly

    Might help to improve your English. Would make for a more professional read.

    • Terris

      I read it fine. If anyone needs to improve their English, it would appear to be you.

      • Fox

        There’s nothing wrong with holly’s English.
        The English used in the article isn’t great either – especially with the spaces before punctuation marks (full stops, question marks etc).

      • Lupini Beanini

        Terris, you apparently had ridiculously easy English teachers. This is not professional writing by any stretch of the imagination, regardless of how ‘fine’ you happened to read it. As a matter of fact, it’s aimed at people such as yourself, who can’t discriminate between good and bad writing. They count on the fact that you’re dumb enough to miss the fact (and the disclaimer) that it’s an advertisement.

  • http://slkfdsjfs gobirds

    Adblock Plus takes 4 times the amount of memory as regular extension. Too bad I can’t kill it, preloading a pop up with animations takes a lot of memory too. :(

  • mastermind2

    You can’t disable shockwave flash plug in nothing would work specially youtube.

    • YouTuber

      Youtube doesn’t use flash anymore, it uses HTML5….

      • mastermind2

        Not really, there are some old videos still using flash.

  • Kevin W. Kaler

    Great information! Thank you.
    Did not know about the Google task bar.

  • invention13

    Thanks for the tips.
    I use the linux version of it and the tipoff was hearing the fan on my laptop spool up. The CPU usage gets ridiculous.