LG G2 Specs Review , Introduces New Rear Key Design

LG G2 specs review

Photo via Cnet

LG has announced the arrival of its latest flagship phone , The LG G2 . A noteworthy successor of the LG optimus G , though LG has chosen to ditch the ” Optimus ” tag this time . The New LG G2 was announced yesterday by LG in a press event in New York . Lets take a brief look at the LG G2’s specs .


LG G2 Design


Photo via Cnet

Design wise the the most notable feature in the LG G2 will be the rear key concept , which ditches the physical buttons on the front and places them on the rear of the phone , just below the rear camera . Lg claims that this new design will make the phone easier to operate and decrease the chances of dropping the phone . The G2 measures 38.5-by-70.9-by-8.9mm and has a near border less display .


The LG G2 features a 5.2 Inch Full 1080p HD IPS Display with a pixel density of 443 ppi .

Processor and RAM

The LG G2 Is One of the Highest specification Android phone launched in the Market right now . The LG G2 is powered by a Quad core Snapdragon 800 processor which runs at 2.26 Ghz coupled with a 2GB of GRAM ( Graphic RAM ) , which according to LG reduces the battery consumption up to 26 percent and increase the battery life by 10 percent .. The Phone comes in two variants of white and black color and options of 16GB or 32Gb of internal storage . The phone does not has support for expandable storage via MicroSD cards .

Rear key concept

What’s new about the LG G2 is that , the phone does not have any physical buttons on the front . Rather it implements a new concept called the “ Rear key “ where in the Physical buttons are placed on the back of the phone . However the main power key and the volume buttons still remain on the sides .



The Phone has a rear facing camera 13 MP with optical image stabilization and a front facing 2.1 MP camera .


The LG G2 will be the first android phone in the market to feature a 4-bit/192kHz Hi-Fi playback which can produce studio like sound quality .


In terms of connectivity the LG G2 supports Wifi , Bluetooth v4.0 , GPS , NFC  .


The LG G2 runs a on Android 4.2.2 , which might be updated to the latest Android 4.3 after the phone launches in the market . The phone has a few noteworthy additional softwares  which include :

  • Answer me , a software which automatically answers the phone , when the phone held near the face .

  • Quickremote , a software which allows to use the LG G2 as a remote control to various devices .

  • Guest mode , allows you to create separate profiles for your childrens or other users .

  • Fingerprint Recognition technology , a new feature which only allows the owner to access the phone .

  • Plug and pop , opens up the apps you’re most like to use when you plug in your earphones .

  • Text link , a new feature to make text information management easy .

  • Slide aside , a software that allows multitasking on the LG G2 .


The LG G2 packs a non removable 3000 mAh battery , which according to LG can power the phone for a day’s usage .

The LG G2 will be available to purchase by the end of August , the pricing for the phone is yet to be revealed . Overall the phone packs a lot of interesting new features and a out of the crowd design . Though a non removable battery and no support for expandable storage might be a big deal breaker .

Check out the LG G2 official site .