Share your PC’s Internet with an Android Phone over USB


Most of us must be very familiar with USB or WiFi tethering as a method of sharing the Internet connection from an android phone with other devices. But fairly a very few of us are familiar with the opposite process which is known as Reverse tethering .

Using reverse tethering you can share your Computer’s internet connection with your Android phone through an USB data cable. This is in fact a very useful feature in case you don’t have WiFi router to share your PC’s internet connection . Continue reading to find out how you can use reverse tethering to share your Computer’s internet connection with your android phone via an USB cable.

What do you need ?

In order to be able to perform reverse tethering you will need a Rooted android phone, which is a also a major reason why reverse tethering is not much popular among android new users. If you have a rooted android phone, you can proceed further with this guide and download the following prerequisites required further in this guide.

  1. Drivers for your Android phone
  2. Android Reverse Tethering tool 

Android Reverse Tethering tool is an free windows utility which makes use of ADB ( Android debug bridge ) to share your Computer’s internet connection with your android phone over an USB data cable . You can download it from this link , or visit the link provided above for the latest version of the utility .

How to share your PC’s internet connection with your Android phone over USB

  • Step 1: Connect your Android phone with your PC using an USB data cable and ensure that USB debugging is enabled on your phone .  (  Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging > Turn On )

enable usb debugging

  • Step 2: Extract the downloaded zip file and run the AndroidTool.exe file .

android reverse tethering

  • Step 3: From the Android reverse tethering utility , select your phone from the “ Select a device “ drop down box and then from the “ Select DNS to use “ dropdown box  , select a DNS ( Choose anything apart from ) .

Android reverse tethering tool windows

  • Step 4: Click on the Connect button to start the reverse tethering process . The utility will then connect with your android phone and install the required apps on your phone . If the utility crashes simply run it over again .

Android reverse tethering tool

  • Step 5: After the required apps have been installed on your phone , You will be prompted to grant root access to the USB tunnel app . Tap on “Grant” to provide root access to the app and you can access your Computer’s internet connection on your phone .

reverse tethering share interent connection with android phone

Thats it and now you will be able to access your Computer’s internet on your Android phone and even all your android apps would be able to access it too . You might be prompted with an No network connection error in intervals , its nothing to worry about and you can click ok to proceed further .

reverse tethering android phone

Via / XDA-Developers


  • Мариян Димитров

    I get this in the Android reverse tethering utility Debug tab:

    12-06 00:34:48:226 W/E UsbConnected exception Socket Error # 10054

    Connection reset by peer.

    Server List at 12-06 00:34:49:245

    DNS List[default]

    • It seems you are using the default DNS, try choosing another DNS IP.

      • Mir Shahjahan

        i am not getting anything in the DNS box 🙁

    • ahmed

      it dont give me download speed
      please help

  • ashish

    will i be able to use Play Store?

  • Papu

    i am not able to see my device does i have to enable usb transfer

    • Try re installing the USB drivers for your phone.

  • Sam

    hi, i did exactly what u have said and seems everything went ok but at last moment it halts on “Run Scripts” as shown in attached pic. need help plz.

    • Hi Sam, Head over to the XDA-Developer forum thread provided in the source link, you can get all type of support regarding the android reverse tethering tool.

  • Sam

    Attached pic

  • Nani

    i have done upto step4, but as per step5 there is nothing happn

  • jhonrey

    hi im having a problem my device does not detect by android tool pls reply tnx…

  • Rus Peter

    Play Store doesnt work whit reverse tethering???what i have to do??

  • Rus Peter

    I can’t download from play store!!!

  • Vishnu

    no superuser right or time out..what will i do for it

    • Is your android phone rooted?

      • Pratiks

        no my android is no rooted.

        what should i do ?

        • You will compulsorily need to root your android phone, otherwise this guide wont work.

          • Kash

            the device id id not showing in the tool. anything wrong ???

  • yatish

    only green bars are working and red bars are not working

    Please Help me

  • Guest

    only green bars are working and red bars are not working

    Please Help me

    this is the picture

  • kiran

    my phn is not rooted plz help me how can i short super su

  • R Bhalekar

    Which app required for phn.

    • You don’t need to install any apps on your phone, the Android reverse tethering tool will automatically install the apps for you and you are only required to grant superuser access to these apps.

      • R Bhalekar


      • R Bhalekar

        I have not found stage 5, grant option

        • Oppai Daisuki

          You need to root your phone first….search google on how to root your phone. Rooting method varies on phone model but it’s easy

      • R Bhalekar

        I have not found stage 5, grant option. Pl guide

  • abeer

    what is superuser right ?

  • usha

    when i press CONNECT in android reverse tehthering tool window,the device disconnected automatically.(i mean the device name was displayed empty….what can i do for that?

    • It seems you don’t have the drivers installed for your phone which is why the reverse tethering tool cannot detect your phone. Try installing the drivers for your phone.

      • Dani

        what the name is that driver ?

  • Omi

    Awesome simple and cool.. 🙂

  • peeyush

    no user right or time aboard
    please help
    i have rooted my phone

  • Yaki

    Works like charm 🙂
    How do I connect to local server running on laptop?

  • rajat

    Dear Sir,

    But how to share pc internet with samsung galaxy core via usb?

    Here is problem. hare is showing no super user right ( or time out) connection abroted.

    Can you help me some body please..


  • Ganesh Naik

    my device gets connected perfectly. but still i am not able to use net. the graph down not shows any internet usage….

  • Ganesh Naik

    can u suggest what to do?

    • Try changing the DNS.

      • Anant

        i am having the same problem and even tried changing the DNS but did not help

    • memo

      you have to install super user application on your phone1

  • Srinivas

    the device id id not showing in the tool. anything wrong ???

    • Have you installed the drivers for your phone?

  • Yogesh Vasantrao Sukate

    not showing super user request
    connection aborted

  • koushik

    first install drivers like samsung driver

  • Awesome Trick man Thanks 🙂

  • Ankit Misra

    plz provide to download the androidtools.exe zip file….. plz frnds

  • Anant

    my phone is showing rooted when i check with rootchecker and the androidtool app also connects to my phone (samsung galaxy ace gt-s5860i) but the net does not work and also there is no entry under port name. plz tell what to do

  • Akshay

    google play store is not working…
    only surfing can be done…unable to download apps.
    please fix this error,this is very serious error.
    without play store dosn’t any mean to use android.

  • Sabby Sharma

    not showing super user request
    connection aborted………… plz help

    • memo

      you have to install super user application on your phone

  • Sabby Sharma

    not showing super user request
    connection aborted………… plz help………..

    • Hazuko

      need Root

  • ahmed

    no download speed please help

    • Dhiraj

      u have to share ur net connections…right click on ur connection – properties – Sharing-

      • memo

        you have to install super user application on your phone1

    • memo

      you have to install super user application on your phone

  • Utkarsh Singh

    i have to add a google account…in order to use play store and other google apps,but everytime it tries to use wifi instead of my pc connection which i have done according to your guide……….

  • mohan

    not showing super user request.. connection aborted

  • iraj

    hi please help me my phone is not connect to Reverse Tether

  • iraj

    help me my phone not connecting to Reverse Tether

  • chirkut

    Kamal Kardia yaar……….. thanx a bunch

  • kiranbhandare

    thanks worked for me.

  • Akash

    I’m having galaxy sII with neat ROM 4.4.1.
    I followed all steps mentioned above.
    When I rebooted my phone It’s not booting.It is showing only boot animations.Now what to do.Please tell me.Sorry for my English.Thanks in adavance

  • prabhu

    hi to all, i am using samsung galaxy grand 2 mobile, and i am trying these all steps and also i tried virtual router but i cannot connect internet from pc if any one can help me i could gratefull to you. thank you. please give me a step, my email id is

  • rhoi

    working properly on ARC mobile 351D. thanks..

  • amar kumar sah

    device is not showing, im trying on lava iris 402+

  • Really nice define to reverse tethering thanks to you. I am using regularly in android phone. But sir i want run all apps and software update from reverse tethering. Please help me for proper guide with step by step for this function…..

  • Moazzam ali

    Sir when i click connect in reverse tethering software on windows it stops some while and says wait for super user access.I retry again & again but it stop at same moment my mobile is huawei g510 with android version 4.1.1 can i connect with it ?? i see the usb tunnel app but it doesnot have any allow or Denny option.

  • Moazzam ali

    cant see super user request on mobile.

  • Fjamardo

    I have a Galaxy S Advance with Slimrom 4.4.4 (rooted) and it worked perfectly with the default setup. Very much appreciated this post. Thanks.

  • can you post the internet use without rooting the mobile……….

  • rupindersra

    will it work on an nexus 7 2012 WiFi Tablet?

  • working on my phone… but i want to share that internet with other wifi devices…
    i tried to turn on the WIFI TETHERING on my phone , other devices are able to connect the tethered wifi but not able to acces the internet..
    , any idea abt it????

  • christianfranc

    Can you help me because the my device are not found

  • Vishesh

    there is nothing coming in select device ihave android 4.3 the phone is xiaomi redmi 1s

  • Uttkarsh Mishra

    sir i have micromax a57 , i installed drivers and also turned on usb debubing, but when i open android tool my device is not shown in dropbox its just empty.
    Waiting for your reply

  • Khushalee

    i m getting DNS address please help.

  • Akshay

    My mobile is not detected…. in what mode should i connect my mobile???
    i get Dns address but not my mobile device addres!!!!
    pls help…

  • jahangir

    “unable to start service”
    plz help

  • jash

    ossm..!!! works jst ossm…!!!

  • Minhaj

    Thx man ! works great ! have galaxy mini s5570 running cyanogenmod 11 ! great work!

  • i did as u instructed but problem occurs in step 5. there is no superuser request popping what to do?

  • Gajjalakonda Sravan

    my device is not connecting….
    no usb problem

  • starpandi 2004

    i love it bro. great share… like a magic…

  • Anil Patil

    There is inbuilt option of USB Internet in my Android Phone Hisense U970. It is not a rooted phone. I am able to use internet from Windows PC through USB cable after starting the internet sharing in PC. I can surf the websites and send receive emails but only the PLAY STORE is not working. Any suggestions on how to use Play store.

  • Anil Patil

    Now even the Play Store has started working. Without rooting this phone can reverse teether. This will save my kids from harmful radiation of WiFi. WiFi frequency is the same frequency that is used in Microwave Ovens. WiFi’s convert our Homes in low power Microwave Oven.

    • Pulkit Kanodia

      Visible light frequency: 43,00,00,000-79,00,00,000 Mhz

      wifi frequency: 2400Mhz,

      microwave frequency- 300Mhz

      If it would have been same frequency as microwave everyones brain would have been liquefied. So please read before spreading ridiculous statements.
      Only people that can be harmed by wifi signals are those who are allergic to electromagnetic radiations but then those people cannot even survive radiation emitted by our cell phone or DTHs etc.

  • Prolay

    Sir, Can I use this method with newly owned or without rooting android phone???

  • Josemon Joseph

    Now my play store wont open and says check your connection and try again.

  • rk

    Here is problem. hare is showing no super user right ( or time out) connection abroted.

  • anees riaz

    it does not show my device plz help me out

  • nitin soneji

    i can surf the net, but can not connect gmail or pal store. is there any other option ?????

  • Mownica

    thanks working pretty well 🙂 But when i try to download games from appstore, it says waiting for network and stops. Why?? any help plzz. thnk u

  • joel

    “03-30 12:19:28:872 W/I Tool version : 3.19
    03-30 12:19:28:872 W/I adb.exe
    03-30 12:19:28:872 W/I aapt.exe
    03-30 12:19:29:004 W/I Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.31

    03-30 12:20:29:159 W/E RunProcessCommand Timeout for : adb.exe -s 4d02659fc483b000 logcat -c
    03-30 12:20:30:161 W/E ADB is unstable. Please press “kill ADB” on the tools tab and restart the tool

    Server List at 03-30 12:21:31:562

    DNS List[default]

    help pls

  • GOR

    Does not work for my Xperia ZR. Fails to connect to android completely. just keeps waiting.

  • anoop mukherjee

    04-08 11:02:39:259 W/I Tool version : 3.19
    04-08 11:02:39:259 W/I D:MAHIadb.exe
    04-08 11:02:39:259 W/I D:MAHIaapt.exe
    04-08 11:02:39:431 W/I Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.31

    04-08 11:02:45:946 W/I Wait java service
    04-08 11:02:46:056 W/I waiting android server connection … 1
    04-08 11:02:46:415 W/I Waiting for connection
    04-08 11:02:51:384 L/D HOST : queen-desktop
    04-08 11:02:51:384 L/D RELEASE : 4.4.2
    04-08 11:02:51:384 L/D SDK : 19
    04-08 11:02:51:384 L/D FINGERPRINT : Micromax/A065/A065:4.4.2/KOT49H/MMX_A065_SW_V1.0_HW_V1.0_270614:user/release-keys
    04-08 11:02:51:384 L/D VM name : Dalvik
    04-08 11:02:51:384 L/D OS Arch : armv7l
    04-08 11:02:51:399 L/D Reverse tethering package version : 3.19
    04-08 11:02:51:415 L/D Xposed installer : 2.4.1, app_process : 47, XposedBridge.jar : 42
    04-08 11:02:51:446 L/D Hack Connectivity Service. Package version : 1.4, mode : 0, trace : 0
    04-08 11:02:52:384 W/I interfaces before script startip6tnl0(DOWN), ccmni2(DOWN), ccmni0(DOWN), ccmni1(DOWN), tunl0(DOWN), lo(UP), ifb0(DOWN), ifb1(DOWN), sit0(DOWN)
    04-08 11:02:52:571 W/I no route
    04-08 11:02:52:603 L/D OnStart script 3.19
    04-08 11:02:52:603 L/D Interface to use : “tunl0”
    04-08 11:02:52:759 L/D ifconfig tunl0 netmask
    04-08 11:02:52:821 L/D route add default gateway tunl0
    04-08 11:02:53:024 L/D redirect all communications to TETHER chain
    04-08 11:02:53:087 L/D forward tcp to native handler
    04-08 11:02:53:306 L/D OnStart script done
    04-08 11:02:53:493 L/D => setHackMode to ‘Wifi’ result : 1
    04-08 11:02:54:368 W/I interfaces after script startip6tnl0(DOWN), ccmni2(DOWN), ccmni0(DOWN), ccmni1(DOWN), tunl0(UP), lo(UP), ifb0(DOWN), ifb1(DOWN), sit0(DOWN)
    04-08 11:02:54:681 W/I route : destination :, gateway :, output : tunl0
    04-08 11:02:54:681 W/I route : destination :, gateway :, output : tunl0
    04-08 11:02:54:681 W/I
    04-08 11:02:54:681 W/I Connection done

    Server List at 04-08 11:04:24:853
    domain (53) : A->H : 1000 ,H->A : 323
    xmpp-client (5222) : A->H : 708 ,H->A : 729
    https (443) : A->H : 234 ,H->A : 268

    DNS List (ok) (ok)[default]


  • ganda bacha

    easy method

    first you need rooted android smartphone
    1)connect your mobile via usb(make sure usb debugging is on)
    2)go to settings>more…>check usb internet
    step 3 as shown in pic
    now go to android emulator on your smartphone
    first type su grant superuser permissions
    then type netcfg rndis0 dhcp

    if it does not work type usb0 instead of rndis 0

    • Aakrit Kumar

      android emulator on smartphone . where is it on phone i did’t get it

  • Unable to install Superuser or SoperSu on redmi 2

  • Unable to install Superuser or SoperSu on redmi 2

  • Akash Vashisht

    Superuser rights are not being asked from my phone

  • arnav

    i have no option showing in DNS except and i am unable to connect to the internet

  • shubhajit

    hey it don’t show my device…….what i do????

  • ANNE


  • Aakrit Kumar

    but this is not working on asus zenfone 5 , please

  • Sharukh Khan

    thxx man it’s work very good 🙂

  • akash

    Superuser request is not coming………………….

    any help….

  • bhart

    I don’t have developer options in my phone. what should i do??

  • Akash Barmon

    that’s not working android 5.0

  • basith

    successfully done . but some applications doesn’t have internet access .

    eg : UC Browser,Play store works fine, but social apps like whatsap, messenger and etc doesnt have connection.

    is there any solution to this ???

  • user

    no internet connection in PC and phone when I connect my phone with these tools.

  • Yash

    How to use this trick on an android non rooted lollipop smart phone??
    It works good on my rooted kitkat phone and thanks for that, but the problem is with my non rooted phone, please help me with that.