How to Share Animated Gif Images on Facebook

Gif images have become very popular on the internet right now . If you have ever tried to Share Gif images on Facebook , you would have already found out that Facebook doesn’t show any love for Gif images and does not support sharing Gif images . The reason being Facebook officially does not  support Gif images and that is why users are not able to share them .


Fortunately there is a workaround for sharing Gif images on Facebook . You can use Giphy , a search engine for Gif images . All Giphy does is create a Iframe code for a GIf images , which can be shared on Facebook like YouTube videos . There are two ways to share GIf’s from Giphy on Facebook . GIf’s can be shared on Facebook by either using the share button or copying an Iframe based embed code , which you can paste in your status box or your friends timeline and share it . Your friends can see a play button on the Gif and when they click it , the Gif will play and keep on looping .

The only problem with Giphy right now is , you cannot create your own Gif and share it on Facebook . You can only share whatever Gif’s are available on Giphy . But being a search engine , Giphy does have a lot of GIf’s .Follow these instructions to share Gif’s from Giphy on Facebook .

Instructions to share Gif’s on Facebook 

  • Step 1: Open Giphy on any web browser .
  • Step 2: Use the search bar in Giphy to search  for any kind of Gif you want .

Giphy gif search engine How to Share Animated Gif Images on Facebook

  • Step 3: Open any GIf you like and you will be provided with a link and options to share it on various sites including Facebook . You can either click share to share a Gif with your friends or Click on embed and copy the embed code provided .

embed and share gif on facebook How to Share Animated Gif Images on Facebook


  • Step 4: Copy the embed code and open Facebook , paste the embed code from Giphy into your status box or your friend’s timeline , click share and your friends can now enjoy your Gif’s .

share gif on facebook How to Share Animated Gif Images on Facebook

Try out this simple workaround to share GIf images on Facebook and do let us know of any similar services you know of .

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